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Exploring the Good and Bad Sides of Alcohol Consumption

Effects of alcohol abuse is a significant issue, both in the society and overall health and well-being. Discover how alcohol affects our body and our lives in general.

How long effects of alcohol last will depend on how much you consume, how frequent you do and to your body's tolerance when it entered your bloodstream. Alcohol is often consumed on an occasional basis, as a way of socializing or personal pleasure. While some people don't have any problems taking in alcohol in conservative amounts, drinking excessively and making it an everyday habit may pose serious health implications.

Not only that excessive alcohol consumption negatively impacts your health, it can also affect your work and relationships, which impairs the quality of your life. Cases of alcohol abuse and addiction are some of the prevailing reasons for divorce, violence, and crimes in the society. Alcoholism has societal, family and health implications, which can even lead to your death or your loved ones.

Long-term effects of alcohol are an important matter to discuss since it affects our overall health. It puts our health to various health risks, affecting the following important body systems:

1. Excretory system

Our bodies have organs that naturally filter the harmful substances from our body and excrete it through urine. However, excessive amounts of alcohol may impair its functions, making it work inefficiently. When your excretory glands (pancreas and liver) don’t work properly, it may lead to hypoglycemia, since your liver cannot produce sufficient amounts of insulin that aid in the absorption of glucose.

 2. Digestive system

Excessive alcohol intake may damage our intestinal tract and stomachs. Our pancreas will also not be able to properly metabolize food and break it down to valuable nutrients that our bodies need.

 3. Central nervous system

Too much alcohol may impair our proper thinking, and prolonged intake can also affect our mental health by destroying brain cells and neuro-pathways, which are important "highways" of thought and coordination.

 4. Reproductive health

Alcohol is also strongly linked to infertility and reproductive health disorders.

 5. Immune system

Alcohol abuse can weaken our immune system, making us susceptible to infections, viruses, and autoimmune diseases.

 6. Skeletal system

Intolerable amounts of alcohol may hinder the proper absorption of calcium in our bones, making us more prone to develop osteoporosis.

Effects of alcohol on health can be subjective. Its negative side is more magnified since its impact is wide. On the other hand, moderate consumption of alcohol may be good for some; it relaxes them and can serve as common pleasure for friends socializing. Red wine is also said to be good for your heart. The effects of alcohol may vary for different people, and to minimize the negative effects boils down to responsible and moderate consumption.

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