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Exciting and Effective Workouts for Weight Loss

Did you stop working out because of boring exercise routine? Read this article and see if these fun and effective workouts are suitable for your taste.

There are a lot of reasons why most of us do not exercise. Lack of time, being busy, expensive gym membership, no obvious changes, and lack of motivation are just some of our excuses. However, if we continue to stay unenthusiastic and have a lot of justifications about exercising, one day we will face the risk of having a sedentary lifestyle. If health is important, we should make time to do things that will keep us healthy and fit.

Workout sessions do not have to be boring. One way to stay motivated in achieving fitness is to find activities that are enjoyable. The possibility of sticking to a fitness program is higher is we are having fun.

Here are some fun and effective exercises that will help you lose weight.


This cardio-dance exercise is considered to be one of the most awesome workouts ever made. It utilizes a transmissible blend of Latin and international music with choreographed steps to provide a fitness-party vibe to its participants. An average person will burn around 600 to 1000 calories per session of this aerobic exercise. This means Zumba is not only fun because it is also a powerful weight loss program.

To start with, Zumba takes place in a group setting thereby promoting social interaction between the participants. Moreover, the dance workout is like a drug that makes you want to keep coming back for more and makes you feel like it is not exercise at all because it is so much amusing. It is a full-body workout that is beneficial to the heart and your respiratory system.


If you are up for something new and quite challenging, kickboxing is a must try. Aside from its health benefits, this high-intensity workout will teach you some valuable self-defense skills. It can burn 750 calories per hour and is one of the most effective ways of shedding pounds. Just like Zumba, this exercise also uses great music which makes it more exciting. Alongside weight reduction, kickboxing will also result to better coordination, flexibility and balance. Moreover, punching and kicking allow you to take out your frustrations and anger in the punching bag and this technique will also relief stress.


Another fun way to get fit is through cycling. Hopping on a bike is proven to be an effective exercise to lose weight. A 45 minute of moderate-intensity bicycling can burn 500 calories for an 80 kg cyclist. Moreover, people of all ages can enjoy this exercise, from the kids to the older generations. Aside from that, it is environment-friendly and cheap. There is no need to pay for any membership and it can be used as a sport, recreation or as a mode of transport. As you pedal your bicycle, major muscles are utilized which makes it a good exercise to strengthen muscles.


In a nutshell, being physically active is necessary for us to attain good health and fitness level. Regular exercise is encouraged because of its tremendous benefits to health. It doesn’t have to be considered a chore. Therefore, it is necessary that you select a type of workout that you really enjoy but at the same time, is effective in weight reduction and muscle toning.

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