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Everything you Need to Know About Vitamin C: Sources and Benefits

Vitamin C is one of the most vital nutrients that our body needs. Aside from fighting the common cold, it offers so much more benefits.

Ever since we were kids our parents have been providing us with a daily dose of vitamin C. The most known benefits of vitamin C that are known to us are boosting the immune system and fighting off the common cold. But there is more to it than just that. Below are some of the benefits of Vitamin C and the food that contains it.

Benefits of Vitamin C

1. Prevention and Treatment Against the Common Cold

One of the main functions of vitamin C is to boost our immune system. This results in a greater defense against bacteria that may cause us to be sick. When our immune system is high, we are easily protected against cough and colds. Vitamin C serves as our body’s shield against viruses and it also helps our body in absorbing iron, which further strengthens our body’s resistance against sickness.

2. It can Help in Curing Cataract

The occurrence of cataracts in our eyes is one of the most common problems that our eyes can suffer. When we have cataracts, the most common treatment to do is surgery, which can be expensive. It has been found out that the occurrence of cataracts can decrease the level of vitamin C that our body has. Therefore, an increase in intake of vitamin C can help boost blood supply in our eye area and can help in curing cataract and regain our normal vision.

3. It Plays an Important Role in Treating Cancer

It is not new knowledge that increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables helps in preventing the occurrence of any type of cancer. Aside from that, researchers have also found out that when you increase your vitamin C intake, it results in a decrease in the risk of acquiring cancer in the mouth, lungs, throat, stomach, etc.

4. It Helps in Maintaining a Good Mood

An increased intake of vitamin C has been found out to help in the production of neurotransmitters. One of the jobs of neurotransmitters is to regulate a person’s mood and help in the proper functioning of the brain. Therefore, increasing your intake of vitamin C can help in improving your mood.

5. Aids in the Faster Healing of Wounds

Vitamin C also helps in the growth of connective tissues. Connective tissues are responsible in the faster healing of wounds. Ergo, having a regular dose of vitamin C in your diet makes it easier and faster for your wounds to heal.

Sources of Vitamin C

Aside from vitamins that we orally take, vitamin C can also be found in citrus fruits such as oranges, strawberries, kiwi, grapes, and other colored berries. Aside from that, it can also be found in other plants and vegetables like cabbages, cauliflower, potatoes, watercress, broccoli, brussles, etc. When you want to get the most out of food with Vitamin C, it is important to cook these ingredients at only low heat so to keep the Vitamin C from evaporating from the food.

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