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Even More Tips For Protecting Your Health

healthWe’ve had a number of people enjoy our tips for protecting your health, so we thought we’d return with even more tips on how to keep healthy. These are all pretty basic things that anyone can do to help combat illness or prevent themselves from falling prey to the common cold and other basic diseases. Remember, of course, that there are no guarantees out there. These are just a few things that medical professionals recommend you do to remain healthy.

Eat Some Carrots

It might sound like your mother talking, but you do need to eat your carrots! While broccoli always seems to be the vegetable of choice as far as health goes, the carrot is actually just as good. It has a huge amount of vitamin A in it. This vitamin is vital for your eyes, and only half a cup of carrots has about twice the daily recommended amount! Why not grab some carrots for a healthy snack next time you’re hungry?

Get a Fitbit or Other Fitness Tracker

These items are all the rage right now and with good reason: a Fitbit, pedometer, or other device is a great way to see how many steps you’ve taken every day. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on one of these items: there are free cell phone apps that will do some basic fitness tracking. It’s a good way of getting motivated and making sure you exercise every day.

Get a Free Preventive Screening

The Affordable Care Act has made a number of preventative disease screenings now completely free, so why wouldn’t you get checked out if you have any concerns? If you have certain risk factors or family members with specific illnesses or diseases, you may qualify for a free screening. All of the information about these screenings is available at

Get Enough Sunlight

Our bodies use sunlight to create vitamin D, and those who aren’t out in the light enough may find that they’re slightly deficient. It’s also connected to Seasonal Affective Disorder, which affects many people during the winter. Even if you don’t go outside, at least open the curtains and let some sunlight into the room. You’ll definitely notice a difference in your mood.

Get Good Rest when Traveling

Sleeping in a bed that’s not your own can mean little to no rest, but there are a few tips to make sleeping at hotels a little easier. Taking your own pillow definitely helps, and if you are very sensitive to certain materials, you may even want to take your own blanket.

Eat a Bit of Chocolate

Studies have shown that eating a little bit of chocolate can affect your mood, and the affect is almost instantaneous. Next time you’re feeling down, eat a bit of chocolate or drink some hot cocoa. Just remember that you don’t need to overdo it! One small piece is enough!

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