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Essential Vitamins And Minerals Part 3

While we’ve looked at a number of different vitamins and minerals that are absolutely essential to the body, there are still a few more to go over. These three minerals are needed to remain healthy, grow, and fight off disease and illness.  So what vitamins and minerals are left?

Iron - Iron is absolutely vital for building up muscles and for keeping your blood healthy. If you’re low on iron, you’ll become anemic and may faint or get dizzy often. You might be surprised to learn that you can get a lot of iron from clams and oysters. Liver is another good source of iron, although it’s not a food that a lot of people enjoy. If you’re a vegetarian, you definitely need to make sure you get a good amount of iron, so you’ll want to eat spinach, beans, cereal, lentils, and soybeans.

Zinc – Some people don’t think about zinc as being an essential mineral, but it is. The body needs zinc to help with growth and to provide immunity from certain diseases and illnesses. It’s also needed for fertility, so those who are trying to get pregnant may need to increase their zinc intake. You can get a good amount of zinc from oysters, cashews, spinach, beans, and dark chocolate.

Chromium – Another mineral that some people haven’t even heard of, chromium is needed to energize cells. It’s responsible for making certain that each cell has the energy it needs to perform its functions. You can get chromium from many different fresh vegetables and whole grains. Some herbs also contain chromium.

This wraps up our series on essential vitamins and minerals. Are you getting all of them?

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