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Essential Vitamins And Minerals Part 2

Let’s continue our look at the different essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Again, these are important vitamins that the body has to have to function, and they mostly come from the food we eat. Part 1 looked at four essential vitamins, and now we’ll continue looking at a few more.

Vitamin E – This vitamin is used to improve blood circulation and to battle free radicals. Free radicals can cause a number of issues, including cancer, so it’s very important to prevent as many of them as possible from forming. Vitamin E can be found in many types of nuts, but almonds are especially high in it. Tomatoes and sunflower seeds are also high in vitamin E.

Vitamin K – You’ll need a good amount of vitamin E to help promote blood coagulation. If you notice that it’s hard to stop a cut from bleeding, it may be a sign that you’re low in vitamin K. You will get it from leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and kale.

Folic Acid – We often associate acid with being bad, but folic acid is actually very important to the body. It helps promote cell renewal, but it also plays a very important part in pregnancy. Pregnant women want to be certain they’re getting enough folic acid because it helps to prevent a number of birth defects. It can be found in many dark leafy green vegebatles, beans, seeds, asparagus, beets, corn, and more.

Calcium – Many people know that calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. Most everyone knows that it comes from dairy products, too, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt. It can also be found in black molasses and tofu.

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