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Effective Tips for Healthier and Silkier Hair

A healthy hair is very appealing to the eyes. On the other hand, dull tresses make bad hair days. Here are some secrets to improve your hair health.

There is something about long, silky, shiny and bouncy hair that makes it so visually appealing. Indeed, hair is woman’s crowning glory. Because of this fact, hair treatment and maintenance is considered to be a multi-million dollar industry because of its importance not only to women but also to the stronger sex. Hair colors, rebonding, and cellophane are some of the most in-demand hair treatments. However, too much chemical can also destroy our long locks living it dry and prone to split ends.

Here are some ways to attain a healthy and attractive hair.

1. Limit Use of Heat-Styling Tools

Daily use of flat irons or blowers can damage your hair. This is because heat-styling tools can destroy your hair shaft. Hair styling doesn’t have to involve these hot tools. It is necessary to give your hair a rest. Also, if in the case of blowers will be used to dry hair; it should be set on the lowest heat possible.

2. Use Cold Water for Final Rinsing

Hot water causes hair dryness which makes it more prone to breakage because of tangles. On the other hand, finishing your shower with cold water enables the hair cuticle to close which decreases the occurrence of hair destruction. The rule of thumb is, use hot water for dirty and oily hair but rinse with cold water to maintain natural hydration.

3. Avoid Washing Hair Excessively

When we shampoo or wash our hair daily, we are losing natural oils that protect it. These oils are vital in preventing hair breakage. The ideal number of hair washes per week according to experts is three to four times.

4. Protect Your Hair

During the scorching hot days, it is necessary to wear a hat to protect your locks from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. In a study published in 2008, it was found that UVA radiation is responsible for hair color changes while UVB radiation causes loss of hair protein.

5. Handle Wet Hair with Care

Soaking wet hair is vulnerable to damage. It is fragile and weak that is why brushing wet hair should be avoided. A wide-tooth comb is recommended and combing should be from the bottom on up.

6. Use Supplemental Vitamins and Protective Treatments

Biotin is a complementary vitamin that makes the hair grow thicker at a faster pace. In addition, protective treatments such as leave-on treatments help maintain moisture while heat protector spray prevents heat damage.

7. Healthy Eating

Eating right is vital for hair health. A healthy hair is also a reflection of a healthy body. Foods that contain vitamins and minerals necessary for hair health are necessary. For instance, bananas are rich in potassium which is responsible for boosting the elasticity of our hair. In addition, there are foods that help promote hair growth, prevent hair loss, dandruff, and split end.

To sum up, having a healthy and shiny hair requires tender loving care. It needs to be protected from the damaging effects of the sun, heat tools, and harsh chemicals. Moreover, consumption of healthy foods also helps in achieving lustrous locks. 

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