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Eating Organic Foods

Many people say that eating organic foods is good for you, while others think it’s simply a way to get you to pay more money. While some people may take it to extremes, there are certainly many reasons to eat foods that were not exposed to pesticides, chemicals, and other things that could be harmful to the human body. There is scientific research that shows foods doused in chemicals harm the body in more ways than you might thing. These foods often end up containing less nutrients than organic foods do, and many also contain new chemicals that we don’t even know what being exposed tolong-term will do!

Fortunately, there are many more organic options today. Many towns have farmers markets that open during the spring and summer so people can buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from those who grow them. Others have organic food stores and co-ops that bring in fresh food year round.

But it’s not all fruits and vegetables. Many organic stores also offer free range chicken, cows and pigs that have only been grass-fed, and fish that were caught from the ocean, not raised in a cramped tank. Animals raised solely for slaughter in small areas are also often fed growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals that may make then grow more quickly and produce more meat, but there’s little evidence that these chemicals are safe.

In addition to the health benefits, many people say that organic products taste much better. Those grown using chemicals have often been processed to the point that the taste has been removed.

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