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Dos and Don’ts of Taking Acerola Cherry Supplement

Taking acerola cherry supplement is a great thing for health and wellness, but it should be taken with care. Learn the dos and don’ts in taking acerola.

Taking acerola cherry supplement has become famous as people look for ways to make their health and wellness better. Acerola is known for its extensive content of nutrients, a varied number of vitamins, and minerals. All of these are deemed essential for the body and can even provide preventive and medical benefits.

But, like any food or supplement you take, whether it is organic or not,  incorporating acerola cherry in your diet should also involve deeper understanding. This way, you can understand all of its properties. It will also give you more benefits if you know how to use it.

Here are some ds and don’ts when it comes to taking acerola cherry supplement.

Consult a Doctor Before Taking Acerola with Other Drugs

Acerola cherry is significantly high in antioxidant which is a great thing for the body. Also, it has a massive amount of Vitamin C which is not necessarily a good thing. While vitamin C helps the immune system become stronger, too much of it will lead you to experience side effects.

Acerola can also interact with other prescription drugs and might lessen their potency. It is especially concerning if you have medicine that you need to take regularly. Speaking with a doctor before taking acerola cherry as a supplement  with your current prescription might be the best course to know if it is safe.

Don’t Take More than Two Grams of Acerola Every Day

While there is no required dosage of acerola cherry per day, you might want to be careful in taking large amounts. Taking two grams of acerola in a day will often lead to diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramps. Too much acerola cherry everyday or as high as 6 grams can also lead to migraine, dizziness, and fatigue.

Take Only 100% Acerola Cherry

As the popularity of acerola became rampant, businesses are also increasing in number. Choosing an acerola supplement might be tough at times because of various choices in the market.

What you have to remember is choose the acerola product which boasts quality from a reputable manufacturer. It is exceptionally smart if you only buy 100% acerola cherry. If it is diluted or mixed with other ingredients, you might not get its full list of benefits.

There are a lot of benefits that acerola cherry can give you. If taking fresh acerola cherry is impossible, taking an acerola cherry supplement like the Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules is the next best thing you can do to gain its countless health advantages.

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