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Do You Have High Cholesterol?

Do you have high cholesterol? If you do, you’re probably looking for anything that will help you avoid medications that you know will come with all sorts of crazy side effects. Fortunately, there are a few natural ways you can deal with high cholesterol. Acerola is one of the fruits that’s very high in vitamin C and anthocyanins, plus it contains a wide number of antioxidants, too. This makes it one of the top fruits with many different health benefits, including the fact that studies have shown that it can help you deal with high cholesterol.

What the Acerola Berry can do for You

The acerola is often taken by those with high cholesterol because it may be able to help lower it. Even though those medications do work, the side effects can be very unpleasant. Some of them are actually almost worse than having high cholesterol! Fortunately, the acerola doesn’t have any of those side effects. It’s totally natural and has been used by some people for decades for their cholesterol and other health issues.

But there’s more to the acerola than its cholesterol fighting abilities. The fruit is also very high in vitamin C, and this vitamin will help you stay healthy. It can fight off infection, plus research has shown that it also helps the body break down various oxidized fats. It battles free radicals through the high amount of antioxidants, plus it can help lower inflammation and fight off viruses and bacteria. Vitamin C is a go-to vitamin for those who are starting to feel sick because studies have shown that it may help prevent illness.

Vitamin C may also help the body in a few other ways. Some new studies have shown that this vitamin can help prevent strokes and heart attack, too. Because it’s really hard to take too much vitamin C, there’s no reason to leave out your daily multivitamin or other supplements that include a good amount of it. Simply add the acerola supplement into your daily routing. You’ll be very glad you did.

Finding Acerola

Finding the acerola berry can be fairly difficult to do outside of the Amazon because it doesn’t stay fresh for very long. That’s why it’s most often found in dried form. However, while you can find these capsules at several places now, you do have to watch out. Some of them use various flow agents to make it easier and faster to make the product, but these agents can actually be harmful to the body. Instead, you want to make certain that you’re taking only those acerola supplements that contain natural and pure ingredients. If you don’t, you may actually hurt your body more than you’re helping it.

You certainly want to look for acerola capsules that are 100 percent natural. With these berry supplements, you can continue to eat some of your favorite foods. With many different cholesterol medications, you have to be on a more restricted diet because something in the foods interferes with the medications. Grapefruit, for example, is one of the foods many people have to give up because of how it interacts with cholesterol medications. Acerola doesn’t have this issue.

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