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Different Supplements to Effectively Treat Menopause Symptoms

The best way to treat menopause symptoms is by taking necessary supplements to prevent side-effects which are caused by taking different medications.

Every woman who reaches the age of about 50 years old usually experiences physiological changes, as well as symptoms related to menopause. This is a normal event, and it refers to the cessation of menstruation due to the decrease in the hormones produced by the ovaries such as progesterone and estrogen.

As a result, women may experience symptoms such as depression, insomnia, hot flashes, headaches, mood swings, and irritability. With the use of natural supplements, you can find menopause symptom relief so that your normal activities will not be affected.

Treating Menopause Symptom With Varying Medications

Medications that are commonly used to treat menopause symptoms include antidepressants, gabapentin, hormones, and osteoporosis medicines.


You can treat menopause symptoms using low-dose antidepressants, which are related to selective serotonin, re-uptake inhibitors because these decrease the incidence of hot flashes. This method is used to treat women who can’t take estrogen due to health reasons.


Another medication which provides menopause symptom relief is Gabapentin. This medicine is used to treat seizures; however, it is also utilized to decrease hot flashes and migraine.

Hormone Therapy

The most effective method of treating hot flashes is hormone therapy. Estrogen or progestin could be given depending on your family and personal medical history.

Medicines for osteoporosis

A common problem with women who experience menopause is osteoporosis; hence, medication to treat the condition is given.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Menopause Symptoms

For some people who are not used to taking lots of medication, you can treat menopause symptoms naturally by taking supplements.

Below are some of the common supplements which help alleviate menopause symptoms:

Omega-3 fatty acid

Studies show that omega-3 fatty acid can help you treat menopause symptoms naturally because it contains eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA - a substance which eliminates the incidence of hot flashes and depression.


Curcumin is an active ingredient of turmeric - an extract found in the root of the plant. It functions as an antioxidant that has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and even anti-cancer effects.

The substance also has a painkiller effect. As a result, it treats muscle and body aches which are also common menopause symptoms. It also gets rid of depression, anxiety, and even hot flashes.

Evening primrose oil

Primrose oil has long been used to help treat hot flashes which a woman may experience before and after menopause. Studies show that people who regularly take this supplement have about 50% fewer chances of developing extreme menopause symptoms.

Dong quia

Known as the female ginseng, dong quia may offer health benefits in relation to menstruation, fertility, and menopause.

This substance can also be used by people who are suffering from heart diseases, inflammation, and cancer.

 Although many women have been taking medications to lessen the symptoms brought about by menopause, nothing can still beat the use of the natural methods. The use of these supplements is very beneficial since it can also be used to treat other conditions too.

Before you feel the first symptoms of menopause, you have to prepare your body by taking vitals supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid so that even if you advance in age, you can perform your normal daily functions.

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