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Difference Between Organic and Herbal Supplements

Some people have different misconceptions about the organic label. Sometimes they mistake organic supplements as the same with herbal supplements.

A lot of people still don’t know what organic supplements are although various supplements are being advertised differently nowadays. One of the most common reason is the usage of words that are unknown to many people. These includes putting on labels like kosher, organic, gluten-free, and many more on products.

For this reason, some people only buy supplements because the label sounds good and not because of what it can offer. Some people are somewhat knowledgeable about what supplements are but are not aware of the other labels on the packaging.

As a consumer, you have the right to know what these labels mean. You have to know what you’re really paying for and it is your right to pay for what’s really worth it.

One of the most common misconceptions about the organic label is that it is the same with herbal medicines. They think that supplements with the organic label are a better option, but they do not know why organic supplements are better.

Not all organic supplements are herbal, and not all herbal supplements are organic. The organic label refers to a product that was manufactured through a process without any man-made intervention.

For example, an organic acerola cherry supplement has come from the acerola cherry that was picked from a tree that was grown without using any chemical or artificial pesticides and fertilizers.

Another example is organic fish oil. Fish oil is not considered herbal but can be considered organic. It is because organic fish oil came from a fish that was grown and fed without using any artificial vitamins or man-made products.

Even products that are grown without any chemicals or artificial vitamins, fertilizers, or pesticides may not be considered organic if their genes have been modified for some reasons.

Some herbal supplements may not be considered as organic if they come from a plant or tree that was grown with the use of artificial or chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It’s also not organic if its genes have been modified.

The key to identifying whether a product is a real organic one is by checking the label, particularly, its ingredients. If you find anything written that’s quite understandable, it could be some form of chemicals added to the product.

For this reason, knowledgeable consumers choose organic supplements like the Amazon Thunder – Organic Supplements. These healthy supplements that are labelled organic are protected by USDA and healthier than herbal supplements. You don’t need to worry about side-effects caused by chemicals or fertilizers as they come directly from the source and are organic.

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