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Dieting Verses Lifestyle Changes

You’ve probably heard a friend or family member say that they’re going to start a new diet, and you may have simply nodded and thought to yourself “yeah, and it’s probably going to go like your ten previous diets.” That’s because a lot of people start on a fad diet and expect to lose a lot of weight, but they don’t really think about the diet and how it will affect their lives. That’s because dieting really isn’t the answer. Even people who stick to a diet may find that they gain back all the weight they lost once they decide they’ve hit their goal and they can go back to eating whatever they want.

A diet is a short-term solution at best. At worst, it’s a waste of time that can actually damage your body. So what do you do? You make and commit to a lifestyle change. You have to decide that the way you’re living isn’t healthy and you have to stop living that way. It’s not easy in any aspect, but it’s what you have to do.

This means committing to cut down on foods that aren’t good for you. It means not eating sweats nearly as much, and it means cutting back on the carbs, too. However, remember that it doesn’t mean NEVER eating these things. That’s what many diets focus on: never eating the bad foods. The truth is that you can have foods that are “bad” for you from time to time. You just have to eat them as a special treat, not as a daily part of your diet. You also have to commit to exercising and being more active.

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