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Diabetes Mellitus - Effects And Prevention

Diabetes mellitus is well known chronic disease where the cells are starved of energy as the sugar and carbohydrates the body consumes are converted to glucose, but are left unused and remain in the bloodstream due to either lack of insulin that breaks down the glucose to be used by the cells or there is excess sugar in the bloodstream that the supply of insulin is not enough which is more common. This excess glucose when builds up will eventually damage the micro vessels of vital organs.

Effects of Diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus include increased thirst and hunger, weight loss, vomiting and the constant feeling of tiredness. As this disease can be derived from a person's lifestyle, which refers to the way a person lives everyday which includes their diet and exercise. If your lifestyle is sedentary coupled with a habit of eating fast-foods that full of calories and usually saturated with different types of chemicals, including sugars, then the risks of you developing the disease are high and when it does  and left untreated can lead to kidney problems, heart and multi organ failure and  death.


The only way to stop diabetes mellitus dead on its tracks is changing how you live life everyday. From having regular exercise and the right diet for weight loss plus it truly helps to have herbal supplements. Supplements and products such as acai berry pill and acai berry cleanse help you shed off those unhealthy pounds and clean off the toxins from your colon.

In conclusion, diabetes mellitus is a dreaded disease, however, as with any disease in the end, what matters are the steps you took to prevent it. The principle has always been “prevention is better than cure’.

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