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Deteriorating Effects of Stress and Its Associated Risks

The effects of stress to health are something that should not be overlooked. It could lead to a variety of physical and emotional diseases that affect the quality of our lives.

How to control effects of stress is challenging for most since it has become an inevitable part of our lives. Our demanding jobs, parenting responsibilities, peer pressures and money woes all contribute to the stress we encounter every day. How to minimize the effects of stress could be our best in bet in preventing us from being deprived of the quality of life we deserve.

What are positive effects of stress? Stress in not inherently evil; in fact, there are also "good stressors", which refer to certain pressure factors that help us overcome setbacks in life. It also compels our hormones to naturally produce chemicals that enable us to perform better. It is also our body's natural response to threats, enabling it to be put on either "safe or battle mode". This helps us recognize threats that drive the body to avoid getting harmed.

However, the negative effects of stress weigh more than the positive ones because it posts a great deal of harm to both our physical and mental well-being. A number of serious illnesses were linked to stress like emotional disorders, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal problems and viral infections.

Extensive Health Implications of Stress to Our Bodies

Studies that observe human lifestyle mutually saw widespread stress in America. It was found that an overwhelming 72 percent are experiencing stress from financial problems, 22 percent of which mentioned their stress to be high-level. Next in line to the most influential stressors are concern about the economy, family-related problems and health concerns.

Stress does not have obscured symptoms but is fairly easy to recognize like lack of sleep, anxiety, depression, and headaches. Prolonged stress may introduce serious health conditions, which includes:

1. Cardiovascular diseases

Aside from the effects of poor diet, stress increases the risk of a person in developing a heart attack, especially the elderly or those that experienced previous attacks. Sudden bouts of intense anger and prolonged depression may lead to a heart attack.

2. Diabetes

Prolonged season of stress enables our bodies to produce a hormone called cortisol. This increases your body's sugar levels, leading you to be more prone to diabetes. Indirectly, stress can also render a person to be sluggish for physical activities, drink more alcohol or resort to unhealthy food cravings which can also increase his glucose levels.

 3. Alzheimer's disease

Mental health is also greatly impaired when exposed to prolonged stress, giving you more reasons to Alzheimer's disease later on.

 4. Fertility

Stress exposure of tremendous amounts may also affect the quality of the sperm and eggs, studies have found. The effects are more pronounced on males, even affecting sperm count and sex performance.

How to Prevent Stress From Overcoming Your Life

How to fight the effects of stress? Pleasurable and enriching activities like recreation, yoga, and social activities may help you conquer problems right away. A Proper diet which can be complemented by health supplements like Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements may also fight off the harmful effects of stress to the body.

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