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Definition Of Gastritis And Some Tips To Prevent It

Inflammation could not just affect the joints in your body. It could also affect some body organs like your kidneys, liver, heart and stomach, also known as stomach inflammation.  Stomach inflammation is also linked to chronic gastritis, as it’s mainly described as the event where the stomach lining was swollen and inflamed.  

Once you have stomach inflammation, you will always feel that you are full. Even you know that you have just eaten a small amount of food. This happened because the inflammation that occurred in your organ limits the space intended for food storage.

Here are the most common signs of stomach inflammation that you should be aware of:

Nausea and vomiting

Always full even you just eat a little amount of food

Abdominal pain and bloating

Loss of appetite

How to Check If You Have Gastritis

Stool test - This is for checking the presence of blood in your stool, as it could be one of the most effective ways to see if you have gastritis

Blood tests – This is done to see if you have enough red blood cells in your body as it may also cause gastritis if not treated well.

Upper endoscopy- A tiny tube will be inserted to your mouth down to your stomach to see and examine the inflammation in the lining of your stomach.

Treating gastritis involves taking medications from your doctors, such as antacids and other drugs that would reduce the acid in your stomach. A healthy eating diet, which involves prevention of spicy foods, will be essential as well. Some other treatments will depend on the level of your gastritis so it would always be best if you visit your doctor once you experience the symptoms that are mentioned.

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