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Amazon Thunder Acai vs. Other Brands of Acai

You've google'd and yahoo'd acai fruit only to find that there are many companies that come up on the list. But, which one, and which product, do you choose? They all say they're the best, and provide the most powerful and the most potent acai, but who do you believe? Well, we're not going to knock any of these companies by naming names but we are going to sum their products up in a couple of paragraphs and tell you what to look for when it comes to quality and potency.  Not all acai is equal. Much of the acai that comes to the U.S is very low in solids and also watered down and/or has a very low ORAC rating, which quantifies the antioxidants (anthocyanins) content. Amazon Thunder has regulatory quality control in place to ensure that only the purest and highest quality organic high solids acai  is used in our products and this is another reason our orac scores are so high!

Other Acai Juices

There are companies selling versions of acai juice that are watered down or clarified (skin extracted) versions; versions with added sugar - disguised by other terms such as: cane juice or dextrose etc., which are essentially ALL sugar and the bottom line is that sugar is the leading cause of inflammation.  Have you ever done research on all of the disguised words for sugar? It is astonishing! There are literally at least 20-30 of them!  Acai is an anti-inflammatory, so this should go without saying, if your acai has any type of sugar in it, then you are losing out on the anti-inflammatory qualities of the berry.

Many other brands also contain guarana (caffeine) and toxic preservatives or are bottled in plastic. Bottling acai in plastic is not recommended because it has to be hot filled at a minimum temperature of 185 F and with this temperature level, there is always the issue of plastic leeching. Not to mention that sunlight exposure or sitting in the back of a hot truck can also lead to plastic leeching which has been linked to many health problems. Clearly Amazon Thunder stands out from the competition with 100% pure acai with no added sugar or chemicals. It is 100% pure organic acai pulp (4lbs per bottle!) sweetened with a touch of Organic Concord Grape Concentrate because acai benefits from a sweetener that is healthy and brings out the exotic and pure taste of the acai fruit. It is very thick and concentrated with bits of the acai pulp fully intact and it is unfiltered.  This is very crucial as all of the health properties come from the skin of the acai.

Are all of the ingredients of the Acai Juice brand that you are looking at 100% organic?  If not then you are putting pesticides and other potentially dangerous toxins into your body. The whole point of an antioxidant is to destroy free radicals. If it is not 100% organic then it is going against itself. Simply do the comparison test. Our product's solids don't settle like other watery blends.  In fact, you literally have to shake the heck out of it just to get it out of the bottle! You can see the thick texture of the omega oils and the purity of the solids. All of our product ingredients are 100% organic and packed at organic, certified, FDA-regulated packing facilities.

Other Acai Powders and Capsules:  One can easily be fooled by other versions of acai capsules or powders on the market today. You have heard of 4:1 powders, extracts and more. The truth of the matter is that they are all spray dried versions full of multidextrin carriers (dried corn starch) and magnesium stearate, or rice powder. Most companies don't have to list these ingredients on their labels because they are added during the manufacturing process, and therefore, due to certain regulations, companies do not have to list them. Some companies even go so far as to add coloring to the acai powder to make it appear to be the real thing! The bottom line is that it's not the real thing, but how can you tell?  Here's a couple of points to ponder:

#1 - The capsules or powder will be pink or pale in color: This tells you it is spray dried acai, which is the lowest quality of acai available with at least 40% of the above mentioned fillers. It will also be bone dry and lifeless. Not much more than a placebo. It's no wonder why so many of these companies are able to sell their product for so cheap.

#2 - If the capsules look beautiful and dark purple they must be the real thing, right? Wrong - not always so. There are many companies that add carriers even to freeze dried acai to spread it further. But, how can you tell? Open the capsules -- the powder should be oily from the Omegas 3, 6 and 9. The powder should literally cling to your hand and it should taste as acai tastes -- blueberry-like with a hint of chocolate. Why do companies add these fillers? It is much more efficient for them and it makes the filling process much easier. Because of the oils in the acai it can be very messy to fill. Amazon Thunder makes 100% pure, freeze dried acai capsules and scoop powder because the customer deserves the best!

#3 - Is it 100% organic, including all of the materials? If not, then you are putting pesticides and other potentially dangerous toxins into your body. The whole point of an antioxidant is to destroy free radicals and if it's not 100% organic then it is going against itself. Amazon Thunder acai capsules, juice and powders are 100% pure and 100% organic and are packed in 100% organic certified FDA-regulated facilities.

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