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Common Types of Disorders that Affects Mental Health

Mental health allows us to enjoy life fully. However, people are taking it for granted leading to the growing number of patients with mental disorders.

People with mental illnesses are experiencing stigma due to the existing false beliefs about mental health. A mental disorder is defined as the conditions that affect our behavior, mood and thinking which prohibits a person to function appropriately. Most of the symptoms can be controlled with medications and therapy. To know more about mental illnesses, here are some of the most common types that disturb a good mental health.

1. Eating Disorders

This type of mental disorder is characterized by abnormal eating habits. When it comes to weight and food, a person with eating disorders exhibits extreme emotion and attitude. The unusual eating practices can negatively affect physical as well as mental health. It is a serious problem that can be fatal when taken for granted.

Some of the most prominent eating disorders include Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. People with anorexia nervosa perceive that they are overweight despite the fact that they are extremely underweight. They tend to weigh themselves frequently and consume a little food. Bulimia Nervosa on the other hand is a condition wherein a person eats a much food but will later perform activities to compensate overeating. They often use laxatives, do excessive exercise or stimulate their gag reflex to force vomiting.

2. Mood Disorder

Mood disorders distort the general emotional state of a person. It is a psychological disorder that may involve a persistent feeling of sadness, extreme happiness or a fluctuation of extreme sorrow and bliss. The most common type includes major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). According to Dr. Cherry Lane, mood disorders belong to the top 10 causes of disability all over the world and women are more likely to suffer than men.

3. Psychotic Disorders

Another type of mental illness that disturbs a person’s thinking and awareness is called psychotic disorder. It negatively affects the mind which makes it hard for people with the psychotic disorder to think, communicate, and act appropriately. They are detached from reality.  Hallucinations and delusions are also often attributed to this condition. The most popular psychotic disorder is Schizophrenia.

4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This mental disorder occurs after a person experiences a traumatic event such as war, sexual assault, the death of a loved one or natural disaster. Although majority experiences reactions after a terrifying situation, recovery occurs naturally. However, in a person with post-traumatic stress disorder, they continue to experience the range of reactions and are anxious and stressed even when they are in a safe environment.

Knowing the common types of mental illnesses reminds us to take care of our mental health. It must be given utmost importance like how we take care of our physical body. If you do not want to undergo the stigma, never neglect your mental health.

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