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Common Hair and Beauty Blunders That Make You Look Older

When you know what the common beauty mistakes are, you will become more conscious of your beauty rituals so you can avoid committing the same blunders.

Aging is a normal process that all of us will eventually go through. As we age, we notice certain changes especially when it comes to our physical appearance. However, there are instances when our hair and beauty rituals - which are supposed to make us look good, make us look older.

There are many hair and beauty mistakes we make and we will uncover what these are so you can avoid committing the same blunders again.

Typical Beauty Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Below are the most common beauty mistakes that many people commit:

  • Applying the wrong foundation

The foundation acts as the base where your overall look will be built. So, when there is something wrong about your foundation, everything else will look amiss. There are also foundations which contain elements that contribute to the hastening of the aging process.

Foundation ingredients which can cause aging are pancake make-up, parabens, alcohol, and powders.

When applying foundation, make sure that it’s just light and the color matches your natural skin tone.

  • Using a lipstick that is too dark

When you age, you also lose definition in your lips. This is why you need to use a lipstick that will add fullness.

When you use dark colored lipstick, your lips will appear less full and smaller. This is opposite to what you want to achieve and it is one of the most common beauty mistakes we make.

  • Not wearing sunscreen

Among the many beauty mistakes to avoid, this one should be given emphasis because this also affects your health. When you are exposed to the sun without protection like sunscreen, your skin won’t only age faster but you’re also putting yourself at risk for developing skin cancer. This is especially true if you are constantly exposed to the sun.

Unflattering Hair Blunders That We Usually Commit

Aside from the common beauty mistakes that we should avoid, there are also hair blunders that we need to stop doing.

  • Hair color that’s too dark

Hair color that’s too dark - like jet black, will make you look old because it will enhance harsh lines on your facial features.  This somehow makes you look like you have more fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Hair that’s too short

Most of us think that when we cut our hair short, it will make us look younger. This may be true for some but for others, it just doesn’t work. This is because as you age, your hair becomes thinner. Cutting your hair short will just make the thinning much more obvious.

  • Getting a hair color that’s too light

They say that going gray is just like going too dark and this is true. It is essential that you maintain a certain level of contrast in your skin tone as well as your hair color. Maintaining the contrast will add depth to your hair so it doesn’t look washed out.

Knowing what beauty mistakes to avoid is vital but you also have to give importance to your physical health. When you feel good inside, you will automatically look good outside. Make sure that you eat healthy food rich in antioxidant by drinking Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid.


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