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Combating the Harmful Effects of Processed Foods With Acai Berry

Quick, instant, changing: these words fit the demands of technology and they might have influenced you to go with unhealthy food choices. With urgency, you need to avoid the risks of eating processed foods with acai berry and other natural remedies.

Processing the Truth About Food

These days, processed foods consume the majority of our refrigerator space. They come in appealing colors, hunger-stimulating smells, and addicting tastes. However, eliminating the harmful effects of processed foods with acai berry supplements and organic foods will be easier once you know these facts:

1. Processed foods contain more harmful preservatives than you ever know.

If you are new to reading nutritional labels, then you have been missing the fact that processed foods are not real foods because they have more preservatives, seasonings, colorants, and texture enhancers than natural ingredients. These are your sugar, salt, oils, and fats.

Sugar disguises itself in the forms of glucose, sucrose, or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Excessive sugar consumption disrupts your body’s metabolism, contributes to obesity, causes insulin resistance, and also attracts cancer cells.

Too much salt or sodium can cause kidney and heart problems. Foods high in trans fats and oils can increase your bad cholesterol levels, which lead to serious heart diseases.

2. Processing techniques remove essential food nutrients.

Aside from loading unnecessary preservatives, food preservation methods also remove the nutrients your body needs such as vitamins B and C. Some of these techniques include dehydrating, smoking, cooking, sugaring, salting, freezing, pickling, and canning.

3. Processed foods are your junk foods, which are very addicting.

Your junk food list is comprised of C-foods: chips, cookies, chocolates, cakes, crackers, and cream. Resisting these snacks is a struggle because they contain rewarding properties for your brain such as refined sugar and carbohydrates, salt, and fat.

In reality, these foods have empty calories. They are designed for overconsumption. You will eat more to feel fuller and better. Producers take advantage of this “reward system” for profit because they know people are slowly getting addicted to these kinds of food.

4. Processed foods are low in fiber content, and this can contribute to weight gain and digestive problems.

Fiber-rich foods are your reliable friends for two main reasons. First, you will have no problems with bowel movement. Second, you will feel fuller and more satisfied after eating meals, and this prevents you from overeating.

On the contrary, processed foods have low fiber content. Your body uses lesser energy to digest them. As a result, you burn lesser calories and have slower metabolism.

From Fool to Full

The satisfying effects of processed foods do not last, but their harmful effects stay for a lifetime. Eat a balanced diet and avoid the effects of processed foods with acai berry supplements such as Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules.

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