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Cholesterol Medication Names: Separating the Good From the Bad

There are so many kids of medication to lower cholesterol. Because there are a lot of brands with very little variation, people get confused in deciphering which cholesterol medication names to trust. Of course the popularity of the name depends on doctors who prescribe them along with the marketing strategies of the manufacturers. But, being popular does not necessarily mean that it’s a good kind. Aside from popularity, there are so much more factors to consider like side effects.

The Good and the Bad Names: Mentioning Two of the Biggest

There are two leading cholesterol medication names: Crestor and Lipitor. Well, Crestor cholesterol medication and Lipitor are basically the same when it comes to its effectiveness. In fact, their track records are also head to head, as the artery-clogging plaque of their patients’ hearts were cleared by around 1%. Their results have also shown that they both lower the bad cholesterol or the LDL while also raising levels of HDL.  

So now that we have established that they have the same effects, how will people decide which one of these cholesterol medication names to buy? The answer could be the price. Lipitor will go generic soon. Patients used to pay for around $160 each month for this brand. But as soon as Lipitor’s patents expired, generic versions dropped the price by 80%. Crestor sells for around $5 per pill and their patent’s expiration isn’t until 2016. Experts are predicting a “close to zero” market for Crestor. 

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