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Cautions Against Graviola Soursop: Should People Believe Them?

So many by-products of the graviola soursop are being thrust into the market. Although graviola-producing companies have been making lots of money because of this craze, a lot of experts are still not convinced that the fruit can cure the life-threatening disease. In fact, a lot of specialists have issued warnings against graviola soursop. Read on to see some of the cautions that most experts have been talking about. 

The Warnings: What Do They Say?

The first warning about the graviola soursop is that, since there still is no proof or evidence that the fruit is safe or effective, it could cause harm on humans.  This can be due to the fact that the fruit contains annonaceous aceteogenins, which are very toxic. 

In the French West Indies, there was a case-control study conducted showing that movement disorders that are very alike with the Parkinson’s disease could be experienced when people frequently eat the fruit. Another study also suggests that tea made from the fruit’s stems and leaves could likely be connected to neurotoxicity, so there goes the graviola tea benefits. 

A lot of Cancer patients generally use supplements that are herbal to ease the symptoms they are experiencing, as well as treating the cancer itself. However, experts are again reminding patients that herbal supplements look promising but cannot be used to replace conventional cancer treatments. Also, doctors warn patients that some herbal supplements might reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents because of the interactions between the herbs and the drugs. However, Research has shown that a graviola supplement may be able to provide you with a number of benefits, even if it's not a cure for any disease.

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