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Can You Get Fresh Acai Berries?

You’ve seen acai berry suppleemnts available online, but you might think it would be much better to go one step further and get some actual acai berries. After all, aren’t they more natural? Our pulp puree contains no additives at all—no sugar or anything else. Still, some people always ask if they can simply get some acai berries. Unfortunately, while that might be nice, unless you’re near the Amazon rainforest, it can be very difficult to get fresh acai berries.

One of the reasons for this is that, like many fruits, the acai berry goes bad fairly quickly after being picked. In fact, they can go bad in less than a day. This means it’s simply impossible to import fresh berries. This is why our production plant, located near the Amazon, is so vital to preparing acai berry puree and free dried acai berry powder. Without these techniques, it would be impossible for anyone outside of the area to enjoy the many different benefits of the acai berry.

Fortunately, the puree, capsules, and powder provide all of the health benefits of the actual berry. Even better, all three of these products contain very concentrated amounts of acai, which means you get all of the benefits without eating a good amount of berries every day. This is because the processes used to make these products dries out the acai berries. Without the water in each berry, it’s possible to more highly concentrate all of the great minerals and vitamins in each berry.

Just drink a liquid ounce of the puree, take a few pills, or add the powder to different food mixes or to water. That’s all it takes to enjoy the amazing benefits of the acai berry! Of course, if you do ever visit the Amazon, be sure to try a few of the actual berries just to see what they taste like.

Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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