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Bursitis Knee: Its Symptoms and Your Lifestyle

Bursitis knee happens when there is an inflammation on the front of your knee due to a direct trauma. To give you more idea, there are three major bursae that surround your knee joint. One of these is the prepatellar bursa located at the tip of the knee. This can become inflamed due to a prolonged kneeling position. How can you tell if this is the root cause of your pain? 

Signs and Symptoms That You Have Bursitis Knee

- You may be experiencing this condition when you experience varying degrees of swelling in your knee or on its overlying areas.

- You may encounter some warmth or tenderness together with some redness on the affected area.

- The pain you will feel is mildly painful when compared to what you experience with a knee joint inflammation or in arthritis.

- This pain becomes more intense when you kneel.

- You may experience pain and stiffness when you walk.

Bursitis Knee Symptoms That Require You To See A Doctor Immediately

- You need to consult a doctor when you feel a disabling joint pain.

- When the bursa is infected, you may also have a fever. This is most likely to occur when the overlying skin has breaks or puncture wounds.

- A visit to your doctor is a top priority when you have been experiencing pain for more than a week or two.

- You should see a doctor when you feel a shooting or sharp pain, especially when you exert yourself or engage in exercise.

- You should consult a doctor when there is already a rash or a bruising that appeared on the affected area.

These symptoms are vital in determining the exact diagnosis for you. These should not be overlooked so you can get immediate medical help. When you visit your doctor, he may examine if there is any point tenderness in the area where the bursa is inflamed.

Lifestyle and Home Remedies To Deal With Bursitis Knee

If the pain becomes so unbearable and you need to find relief so you can visit your doctor, here are some of the tips that can help.

- Rest and make sure that you immobilize the affected area.

- When you sleep on the side, make sure that you cushion your knees. Place a pillow between your legs on your bed.

- Take an over-the-counter medication for pain relief and inflammation reduction. 

- You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

- Apply some ice on the affected area to reduce the swelling.

For your lifestyle changes, you may also want to reduce your risks and complications by following a balanced diet. Exercise is also good, but you should avoid those that will worsen the pain or your condition. Be sure to perform some warm-up experiences so you will not feel too uncomfortable due to bursitis knee issue.

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