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Boost Heart Health With The Right Cardio Program

Boost Heart-Health With The Right Cardio Program

 One of the top things that you can do to encourage better heart health is to make sure that you get yourself onto the right cardio program plan.  Cardio training, when done properly, can be a great way to boost how you feel on a day to day basis, giving you more energy than you’ve been used to while also improving your overall cholesterol profile and reducing your risk of heart disease or a heart attack.

The heart is a very important muscle in the body and one that you must be working regularly if you want to sustain optimal health.

Let’s go over some quick tips that you need to know on how you can boost your heart-health with the right cardio protocol.

Build Up Your Endurance Base

The very first thing that you should be doing if you want to boost your heart health with a proper cardio program is to work on building up your endurance base. This means performing longer duration cardio exercise at the start of your training, working your way up to being able to do 30-60 minutes straight without stopping.

Once you have this strong base built up, then from there you can start adding in more intense forms of cardio training.

It is vital that you build up to this however as if you try and do too much too quickly, you’re going to be stressing the heart and may only cause problems to set in. Like any other muscle group, you need to slowly and gradually build up your strength capacity.

Start Adding Interval Training Into The Mix

Next, you also need to start adding some interval training into the mix. Interval training is a much more intense form of workout that is going to help you boost your heart health even further and will also really accelerate the rate of fat loss taking place as well.

Interval training is where you’ll alternate between very intense bouts of exercise with lower intensity bouts, repeating this process until 15-20 minutes are up.

As this is a more intense form of training, you’ll typically only want to do it 2-3 days per week to ensure that you are making a good recovery between each workout session.

Monitor Rest

Finally, the last thing that you must make sure you’re doing is monitoring the amount of rest that you’re getting as you move through your workout program.

Rest is vital to success and unfortunately, most people are just not getting enough.  Make sure that you have one or two days off each week to rest and allow the heart muscle to recover.

While the heart muscle is obviously working at every second during the day to keep you alive, it still needs rest from the higher intensity forms of exercise you’re doing such as interval training.

So keep these quick points in mind as you structure your cardio program.

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