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Beware of Fake Acai - See our guide to the best Acai products

Acai Reviews & What To Look For When Buying Acai Berry Products Online



QUALITY: Finding an acai berry company that creates a quality, organic and kosher certified pure acai berry product who will not take you to the cleaners. Since acai berry products are so popular these days, many manufacturers have entered the market creating watered down acai berry products with fillers which give you NONE of the benefits that authentic acai berry should give you. There are a lot of companies selling inferior acai products that are more than 50% filled with carriers and fillers like magnesium stearate, multi dextrin, soy lecithin and other cheap fillers.



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FREE TRIAL ACAI BERRY SCAMMERS: ( They are not really free because you have to pay shipping and they ask for your credit card #) The reason they charge you for shipping is so they can get your credit card info and charge it every month. I am talking about all of the "free trial" offers out there who promise a free trial but instead they start charging you $89 per month or more without you knowing it - then they make it very hard to dispute the transaction. Also all of these free trial offers are shipping you spray dried butchered acai powder that is about 75-95% dried corn starch! What the reports on these free trial scammers fail to tell you is that the free trial scammers are shipping you worthless placebo product! Real acai works but it has to be of the highest quality only and must be organic and kosher certified like Amazon Thunder. Not just a trace ingredient.


FREE TRIAL ACAI BERRY SCAMMERS WHO TRY TO ACT LEGITIMATE: Since the "free trial' acai scammers have been exposed lately in the national media, the same scammers who peddle these schemes set their websites up so they appear to be educating consumers about free trial offers they do this via natural searches and paid sponsored ads. They start by saying BEWARE OF FREE TRIAL SCAMS ETC -- but the problem is, they are in fact the scammers, they just try to divert attention by appearing as if they are warning about acai scams. We at Amazon Thunder are here to educate you on such cases. Real organic and kosher certified pure quality Acai is the most incredible antioxidant available on earth but you must use your head and be selective and do your due diligence.


ACAI BERRY DRASTIC WEIGHT LOSS CLAIMS: Beware of acai products that make drastic weight loss claims for their inferior acai products - most of these products contain corn starch which is a sugar, you will actually put on weight instead of lose it with such scam products as these free trial offers. Find an organic and ksher acai product that does not contain sugar or any preservatives and it should be QAI USDA organic certified and OU kosher certified.




LOOK FOR USDA & QAI ORGANIC CERTIFIED ACAI: Products that are USDA Certified Organic are intended to assure consumers that the organic foods they purchase are produced, processed, and certified to be consistent with national organic standards NOP and are backed up with the proper certification. This is very very important because if you are purchasing an acai product that is non-organic, it could contain harmful pesticides, herbicides and toxins, why would you want to fill your body with such toxins when acai is the greatest antioxidant on earth, it will cleanse you like no other but all the inferior products out there that are being touted and that are being warned about on television and radio and other media fail to tell you that these free trial products are not at all the real deal, if they were they could not afford to charge so little and only charge for shipping, they ding you after you fall for their con job. Acai berry products which are chemical and preservative free will give you the maximum benefits and they must be pure. However, acai products that are non-organic could cause you more harm than good. Look for the USDA ORGANIC label before buying ANY acai berry product, we recommend QAI as the organic certifier and OU kosher as the kosher certifier.

USDA organic certified



KOSHER CERTIFIED ACAI BY THE OU: Some products go a step further and get their acai berry products Kosher Certified as well. This adds another layer of quality control which ensures that you are getting the highest quality acai juice or capsules available on the market today. OU Kosher certification is not easy to get and it is costly due to the quality assurance steps and quality control that it requires - you can see the OUKOSHER.ORG website. Amazon Thunder is one of the only acai products on the market that are OU Kosher Certified and Organic Certified by QAI.  Look for the OU kosher symbol as per below. requirements here on the 




NO SUGAR ADDED: Look for acai juice that contains no added sugar, you don't want
sugar in your acai berry products for obvious reasons and because sugar is the #1 cause
of inflammation and acai is an anti-inflammatory fruit. The acai berry has high
levels of antioxidants / anthocyanins and you don't want anything else in there that
would compromise the high ORAC levels of this amazing fruit. 



NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED TO THE PRODUCTS: Make sure the acai berry products that you are buying have absolutely no preservatives whatsoever. When purchasing any health supplement products, sometimes the benefits can be canceled out by the preservatives that are added to the product. These preservatives become nothing more than harmful toxins.




GLASS BOTTLES ONLY FOR THE JUICE PRODUCTS: Make sure the acai berry pulp juice you are purchasing comes only in a high quality glass bottle and that it is unclarified and unfiltered. Any acai pulp juice product that is packaged in a plastic bottle will cause plastic leeching no matter what they tell you. Juices that are put in plastic bottles have to be hot filled at high temperatures to kill off micros and bacteria and to sanitize the bottle and this hot temperature will always cause the plastic to leech and over time the plastic will also leech into the product. The only acai berry products that are acceptable in plastic bottles and this plastic must be a hard plastic are vere capsules and loose powder.



UNFILTERED & UNCLARIFIED ACAI BERRY PRODUCT: Make sure the acai berry product that you are buying are unfiltered to maintain the wholeness of the acai pulp and fruit in its purest form.



THICKNESS, IS IT THICK AND WITHOUT FILLERS?: True, authentic acai berry juice is very thick and loaded with Omegas 3 6 and 9 -- no water added, no sugar added, no preservatives added, no sodium added, just pure organic acai pulp puree in unfiltered form.




ORAC LEVELS OF QUALITY ACAI BERRY PRODUCTS SHOULD BE VERY HIGH : Look for acai berry juice products that have at least 18,000 total ORAC units per single ounce serving. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. If an acai berry company doesn't mention the ORAC levels of their acai products, it is probably because their levels are very low. High quality acai berry products have high ORAC levels and should be backed only by Brunswick Laboratories.



IS IT SOLD IN STORES LIKE WHOLE FOODS MARKET?:   Real acai berry companies sell their acai berry products in stores - fake "free trial companies" only sell online because they are not legitimate enough to get their acai berry products in major chains like Whole Foods and others who carry decent acai berry products.




BBB RATING, SHOULD BE A OR BETTER: Look the company up at and see what their rating is. The Better Business Bureau is really starting to crack down on all of these free trial scammers, so this is a great starting point to see what kind of company you are dealing with. Also be warned these free trial scammers are usually one or two companies operating under an umbrella company with hundreds of websites all linking to the same products or versions of their products. They will create new sites all the time as many will get blacklisted but they will keep churning them out and spamming the search engines more and more trying to get black hat listings.



PASTEURIZATION _FLASH PASTEURIZED: Acai has to be pasteurized or at the least flash pasteurized to kill off micros and bacteria. Anyone suggesting they are selling unpasteurized acai is not telling the truth it is not allowed by the FDA and even if it was you wouldn't want to consume it because the micros and bacteria would be too high and pasteurization is what kills the micros off. When pasteurization is done right at the right temperatures the acai will remain unharmed. In fact when freeze dried powder is made from the pulp puree, the pulp puree has to be first pasteurized or flash pasteurized to kill off the micros and then it is turned into freeze dried powder.


*Not all açaí berry products are created equal, there are very many factors from raw material,  purity of solids %,  purity of product, regions of harvest, oxidation issues, packaging conditions, handling conditions, sanitation, exposure times, sorting facilities, production facilities, transportation and temp storage of raw materials and so much more.


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