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Benefits Of The Acerola Cherry

We’ve talked a lot about how great Acai berries are for your health – and for good reason! They can do incredible things for your body, and I think almost everyone could benefit from them. With that said, however, we haven’t discussed another wonderful fruit much at all. The acerola cherry is chock-full of surprising health benefits! This little berry can do some great things for your health. Let’s take a look!


Vitamin C

Many people might not know this, but the acerola cherry has one of the highest levels of vitamin C available in any fruit. That’s a lot of vitamin C! That’s not the fruit’s only benefit, however, as it contains a whole host of vitamins and nutrients. Acerola cherries benefit from the multiple compounds and nutrients it contains, and they can help you stay healthy and happy.



One of the best benefits of the acerola cherry is its ability to help with diabetes management. The acerola cherry contains a number of antioxidants that helps to slow the process of sugar being released into the bloodstream. This, in turn, can help regulate glucose and insulin, helping to prevent spikes or drops in blood sugar. This is incredibly important for individuals suffering from diabetes. Even if you’re not diagnosed with diabetes, however, the acerola cherry can help stave off the condition altogether by helping to keep your blood sugar regulated.


Immune System Health

The acerola cherry also helps keep your immune system strong! This is due mostly to its aforementioned high vitamin C level, which is topped only by camu camu. This high concentration of vitamin C helps to cleanse the body of injury and illness by encouraging the production of white blood cells. It also helps in collagen production, which is important when it comes to helping your body heal faster from injury.


Prevent Cancer

The acerola cherry is also important in the fight against cancer. The fruit’s wide variety of antioxidants helps neutralize the effects that free radicals – the byproducts that can cause cells to mutate – have in the body. This helps keep the body cancer free. While it’s not a guarantee, I’ll give anything that’s good for my body and has been linked to cancer reduction a shot!


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