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Benefits and Downsides of Sugar Substitute and Artificial Sweetener

Sugar versus substitutes will need you to take a deeper look at how different sugar substitutes have its own benefits and downsides.

How sugar substitutes stack up? When you think sugar is only present in candies, cakes, and sweet drinks, you are wrong. Vast amounts of sugar are present in more food types than we probably know, and if you are the kind of person who reads and understands food labels, you will most likely find it "hidden" using other names. Think about molasses, syrups, and glucose which you probably have encountered.

Modern American diet consists of tremendous amounts of sugar, cleverly hidden in many types of foods. We are in the age of desserts; where people are innovating more ways to gain pleasure by eating something sweet. History says that Americans nowadays are consuming 100 pounds of sugar per year, compared with only 4 pounds less than 100 years ago.

How healthy are sugar substitutes? The truth of the matter is that sugar is not essentially unhealthy, but excessive intake is. Sugar substitutes may be derived from natural sources such as plant saps and fruits. It can be also produced synthetically, which will then be called artificial sweeteners. As it is, sugar substitutes generally pose no danger to health, except if put on processed foods or taken in excessive amounts.

Impressive Benefits of Using Sugar Substitutes

Food scientists are making continuous research on more ways of producing sugar using alternative sources. They also aim to alter the harmful effects of common table sugar to make it viable for people whose diseases to refrain them from taking in sugar. Aside from that, here are more benefits of using sugar substitutes:

  1. Sugar substitutes enable diabetic patients not to be deprived of enjoying sugary foods and drinks.
  2. Some sugar substitutes are intended for people who need to shed pounds, as it contains essentially little to no calories. This satiates the cravings without the extra calories, making it helpful for weight management.
  3. Sugar substitutes are also safe for pregnant women. There is no need to alter their diet and they can continue enjoying normal meals without fear that their blood sugar will spike, causing harm to her child.

Notable Downsides of Using Sugar Alternatives

However innovative these products are, sugar substitutes cannot compensate for the nutritional value of real sugar. Although the purpose of the alternative may outweigh this fact, like when used to help satiate a diabetic or pregnant woman's cravings without endangering his health, it is ok to use.

Here are some of the drawbacks of using sugar substitutes that you should still consider:

  1. Some studies link the excessive use of sugar substitutes to the development of cancer because of the many chemicals used in lieu of its caloric content.
  2. Its lack of nutritional value may be a huge concern for some.
  3. Some sugar substitutes are not approved by the FDA.

Which sugar substitute is best for you is dependent on your risks. Same as in choosing health supplements like Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements, it would be safer to consult a doctor before trying out these alternatives.

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