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Being Diabetic

If you’re diabetic, you may have discovered that you have dozens of new little issues that you have to deal with that you never imagined would come with such a diagnosis. These symptoms range from having to urinate more to suddenly losing weight. Those who take their medication regularly and follow a good diet shouldn’t see many, if any, of these symptoms. However, those whose diabetes is out of control may have several of these issues.

Feeling Tired

If you start to feel tired every time you eat, especially if you’re eating sweets or something high in carbs, you may be experiencing the feelings that come with high blood sugar levels. Signs of feeling sluggish, uncontrollable shaking, being unable to concentrate, or urinating very frequently can all be symptoms of out of control diabetes.

Weight Changes

You may start to feel like you need a drink all the time, or you might be hungry more often. Sudden weight loss is another sign that you may have contracted diabetes. Even if you’re overweight (as many with type two are), you may suddenly drop a little bit before going into full blown diabetes.


Diabetic Neuropathy is a type of nerve pain that many people with diabetes suffer from. However, neuropathy isn’t limited to just those with diabetes—some medications and other nerve issues can also cause it. It can take several forms—shooting pains down the legs or in the hands, sudden electrical shocks, or a cold, freezing sensation. Often neuropathy comes and goes, with some days being worse than others.

While neuropathy can be treated with some medications, many people only find the pain dulled, not eliminated. Some of the drugs used to dull the pain also have horrible side effects, and a number of people actually choose the pain over these drugs because of this.

Hard to Diagnose Symptoms

Many of these symptoms, unfortunately, can also be signs of other things. That’s one of the reasons many people actually go undiagnosed and untreated. They simply think that they’re tired a lot or that they have eaten something that disagreed with them.

Early Treatment

If you’ve caught diabetes early, you may have time to make some lifestyle changes before you become full-on diabetic and require insulin. These changes include revamping your diet so it contains fewer carbohydrates and sugars, exercising more, and taking supplements designed to help control your blood sugar.

Taking supplements and changing your diet is probably preferable to taking medication. That’s because many different diabetes medications have side effects, and most people want to avoid that. If you’re already in an advanced stage of diabetes, you will probably have to begin taking insulin. Nothing can really stop that, but it’s possible to reduce the amount of insulin you need to take by changing your lifestyle. Some people have even been able to go from using insulin to being completely able to produce the required amount of the substance naturally again, although this is fairly rare.

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