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Beauty Tips 101: Why Acai Berry Powder is the New Skincare Regimen

Have you ever imagined how a small fruit can bring huge changes to your life? Acai berries have been consumed by health-conscious people for hundreds of years. There’s definitely a good reason behind that — its nutritional value and content!

These reddish purple fruits are commonly found in rainforests in South America. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, acai berry powder have been found to help maintain clear, beautiful skin because of the Vitamin C and E it contains.

What is Acai Berry Supplement and How it Works

Modern medical technology breakthrough has given a lot of opportunities for us to improve our health by taking supplements. These natural pills contain the same nutrition that whole foods are made of.

Acai berry supplement is a revolutionary kind of food companion that is made of pure, unrefined, and organic freeze dried acai pulp. This powder has no fillers, binders, additives, caffeine, sodium, or sugar.

Seeds are removed and not included in the content because it has been found to dilute the berry. Taking acai berry supplement is known to be a good source of Omega 3, 6, and 9 healthy fatty acids!

Benefits of Drinking Acai Berry Juice to Your Skin

Adding natural supplements that contain acai berries in your diet offers an array of important vitamins and minerals that help improve your overall skin health. Here is the nutritional profile of acai berry benefits to skin:




2 grams


60 kcals


6 grams


5 grams


1.51 mg


7 mg

Vitamin A

1400 IU (15% DV)

Vitamin C

13.5 mg


8% DV


130% DV

These important nutrients are essential in maintaining your skin free from accumulated toxins and harmful free radicals. The antioxidants present in every grain aids in preventing acne and lightening scars. It also helps in delaying signs of aging, keeping skin young and glowing.

Consuming acai berry juices is also known to treat hyperpigmentation resulting to fairer and whiter complexion. Facial skin is prone to harmful damages due to exposure and chemicals. Acari berry helps in moisturizing skin while keeping it hydrated, thanks to antioxidants.

Aside from skin health benefits, acai berries are also known as a treatment for dry lips and weak hair. The properties present in the fruit juice give your lips that luscious and moisturized feel. As a source of zinc and folic acid, it also maintains healthy scalp through good blood circulation. Cell regeneration also contributes to hair growth and prevention of gray hair.

Drink Up and Feel the Healthy Difference

Acai berry powder, like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder Scoop, is a ready-to-drink organic supplement present in the market. No need to blend or crush fruits — simply mix it with water and you’re good to go!

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