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Battling The Common Cold

The common cold can range from a mild irritation to a full-on sickness. You might sneeze and sniffle for weeks, or you may have a few days where the cold is so bad you stay off work. Unfortunately, medical science still hasn’t found a cure for the common cold. So what can you do?

Most people start taking over the counter cold medication when they feel a cold coming on. They’ll start taking pills for runny nose, stuffiness, sneezing, and aches and pains. These pills may seem to help sometimes, but after a while, it feels like they’re doing no good at all. Plus there’s the fact that you’re adding a lot of different medications to your system. What will all of those different drugs do when they add up and interact? Do we really know that all of those medications are safe to take?

Many people try to cut off the cold by building up their immune systems. This is most often done by taking large amounts of Vitamin C. It can certainly work, too. Vitamin C helps to supercharge the immune system. It helps to increase circulation and stimulate the production of bile, both of which help fight off disease, too. High doses of Vitamin C have even been shown to help kill cancer cells.

One of the problems, though, is that it’s not stored within the body. That’s why many people take Vitamin C supplements on a daily basis. However, the small amount found in most multivitamins and supplements really isn’t enough to destroy the common cold.

You may also want to start taking an acai berry supplement. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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