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Basic Signs That You’re Becoming Diabetic

Learning the early warning signs of diabetes is one of the best ways to start fighting this disease. That’s because if you catch it early, you may be able to make certain lifestyle changes that allow you to reverse the disease before it gets too far. When you’ve had it for months or even years without realizing it, your body will already be damaged in a number of ways, and it can’t be repaired easily. If you start seeing any of these symptoms or even suspect that you may have diabetes, you should get tested right away. This way, you can immediately start on a treatment plan that will let you more easily manage what has become one of the most common diseases in the United States.

Some Symptoms to Watch For

In a few cases, diabetes will develop without any warning at all, but most usually, it’s easy to see a few of the early warning signs if you know what to watch for. For example, if you start to feel tired every time you eat, especially if you’re eating sweets or something high in carbs, you may be experiencing the feelings that come with high blood sugar levels. Signs of feeling sluggish, uncontrollable shaking, being unable to concentrate, or urinating very frequently can all be early warning signs. You may start to feel like you need a drink all the time, or you might be hungry more often. Sudden weight loss is another sign that you may have contracted diabetes. You may also start to feel nerve pain in your legs, feet, arms, or hands. This is diabetic neuropathy, and it’s this pain that often gets people to the doctor.

Many of these symptoms, unfortunately, can also be signs of other things. That’s one of the reasons many people actually go undiagnosed and untreated. They simply think that they’re tired a lot or that they have eaten something that disagreed with them.

Early Treatment

If you’ve caught diabetes early, you may have time to make some lifestyle changes before you become full-on diabetic and require insulin. These changes include revamping your diet so it contains fewer carbohydrates and sugars, and exercising more.  Taking an acai berry supplement could also be something to consider.  Research has shown that this fruit does have health benefits.  

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