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Basic Information To Know About Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a slow growing type of cancer in men. It affects the prostate glands that create most of the semen, which carries the sperm. Symptoms do not often appear unless the cancer is already on its advanced stage. These only begin to show when the disease has already grown or spread into the nearby organs or systems. Before this happens to you, be familiar with the basic details that all men should know.

The Basics Of Prostate Cancer

Causes. The condition can be caused by old age and family history. If a family member was diagnosed with the cancer before, you have a higher risk of having it also. Diet is also a contributing factor, especially if you love to eat fat from red meat. Hormones such as your testosterone can also speed up the process. Not exercising and exposure to metal cadmium can also increase your risks.

Symptoms. Schedule an appointment with your doctor or health care provider if you experience difficulty in stopping or initiating the urine stream. You also need to talk to a doctor if you urinate frequently and feel pain when you do. Pain during ejaculation is also another symptom. 

Alarming signs. These are already classified as in need of emergency or urgent care. It includes a urinary tract infection or frequent urination with burning pain and fever. You also have bladder obstruction characterized by insufficient urination or no urination at all. Acute kidney failure and deep bone pain, targeted on the thighs, hips, back and bone fracture is also alarming signals.

Stages. Local growth occurs in prostate cancer and this often takes many years. The stages are determined based on the extent of the cancer’s spread. It usually spreads by invasion or growing into its neighboring tissues. It can also spread through your lymph system of nodes and vessels. It can also undergo metastasis or travel to the distant tissues through your blood.

Latest treatments. Early treatment of this cancer type involves surgery and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is often given only to advanced or recurrent cancers where the patient no longer responds to hormone therapy.

Ways To Reduce Prostate Cancer Risks

Regular check up and monitoring.
Talk to your doctor and arrange a schedule as to when you should have your tests or screening.

Have fruits and vegetables in your diet. You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Exercise daily or as often as you can. It cannot just reduce your risks of this cancer, but also of heart disease.

This disease may be the leading cause of death for Americans, but knowledge about what it really is can help you be ready. Though preventive measures do not totally remove your risks, these still help a lot in keeping you healthy. Do not be pessimistic about prostate cancer because you can still conquer it with the right medical assistance and family support. 

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