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Are You Ready to Stop Diabetes Mellitus?

It’s time to stop diabetes mellitus, don’t you think? It is one of the known silent killers in the world that every year victimizes millions and millions of people around the world regardless of their age, lifestyle and race. You may not know but you may be one that suffers from it.

To avoid being part of statistics, you should learn what it could bring you and your overall health. Check out this post to learn what symptoms you should watch out for if you got the killer disease.

What Is Diabetes Mellitus?

Commonly termed as diabetes, a known condition affects the body’s metabolic processes. If you have it, you may be suffering from high levels of blood sugar. There can be two causes. One, your body don’t not produce enough of insulin. Two, it does not respond well to insulin. In other cases, it could be both.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diabetes Mellitus?

Frequent urination
Sudden weight loss
Too much food craving, frequent hunger strikes
Too much thirst
Mood swings, where one can easily get irritated
Poor vision
Feeling fatigued, even without much activity
Numbness of the feet and hands
Dry skin
Slow healing process in cases of wounds, skin infections, bruises and cuts
Easily catches infection

There you have some signs and symptoms you may be suffering from due to your condition. 

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