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Are You Losing Your Hair?

hairHave you noticed that you’re losing hair? Hair loss can affect your entire body, and it can be caused by a number of different things. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, may have to deal with hair loss and, often, the baldness that comes from it. Treating hair loss can be difficult, and in some cases, it’s basically impossible. It’s also nothing to be truly worried about, although hair loss can be a sign of something worse. Here are some of the things that can cause hair loss and what you can do about it.

How Hair Loss Starts

Hair loss can start in a number of different ways. It often depends on what causes it. If you see that the hair on top of your head is thinning, it’s probably due to age. As people get older, their hair naturally begins to thin out. Patchy spots or circular baldness, on the other hand, may be hereditary, or it may come from something else. This is especially true if the skin under the hair starts to hurt or itch before the hair falls out.

Sudden hair loss can often be a side effect of medical treatments, but it can also come from emotional shock. Often, sudden hair loss occurs all over, and hair may even come out in clumps when you wash it. Other things that can cause sudden and full-body loss can include chemotherapy. Fortunately, the hair most often grows back after treatment is over.

Finally, if you see scaly skin spreading across your scalp along with some hair loss, it often means that you have ringworm and need to seek medical treatment.

What Causes It?

Hair loss is actually much more common than people think—on average, people can lose between 50 and 100 hairs every day! However, new hair is constantly growing and replacing this lost hair. Hair loss, then, is actually not always the fact that you’re losing hair but the fact that new hair isn’t growing as quickly.

Some people have a family history of going bald, and there’s often not much you can do to stop it. You may notice that people in your family hit a certain age and then start to have thinning hair. You can work to stop this through a variety of means, but it isn’t always successful.

Dealing with changes in hormones can also cause your hair to change. People who have thyroid issues often notice that their hair has thinned or changed in its consistency, and that’s how they first learn about their issues. Pregnancy and menopause can both lead to hair loss in women.

In rare cases, the immune system can actually decide that hair follicles are foreign objects that need to be destroyed. This condition, called alopecia areata, leads to sudden loss of hair in multiple places on the body.


Treating hair loss can be done with medications such as Rogaine, which you run on the head or Propecia, which is a pill that men can take. Hair transplants can also be done. A more recent type of treatment, laser therapy, has also recently been approved for use.

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