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Are You A Food Addict?

Are you a food addict? Being addicted to food may sound odd – after all, we need to eat food to survive. But if you eat too much food, much more than you need to get through the day, then you’re going to gain weight at an unhealthy pace. You may also cause damage to other parts of your body.

Sugar Addiction

So many people are addicted to sugar, but few people realize it. They think they could put aside their cookies, candy, and soda whenever they want. Then they actually try it, and they realize just how much they have come to crave sugary sweets. It’s a true addiction, too—once people force themselves to stop consuming sugar, they find that they want it less and less.

Eating junk food is one of the worst things you can do. It introduces sugar into your body that can provide nutrients for cancer and other diseases. It rots your teeth. It can lead to diabetes. Yet many people eat junk food every day because they love how it tastes. If you’re adding these empty, useless calories to your body, you’re certainly going to become overweight and unhealthy. The more sugary snacks you eat, the more you’re going to want to eat. Sugar can be very addictive like that, so it does actually get easier to avoid the junk food once you get over the initial withdraw period.

One thing you can do is to replace this unhealthy food with snacks that are good for you. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are all healthy and make great alternatives to junk food. While you’ll still be spending money on snacks, the good news is that a lot of these healthier options are actually cheaper for you. If you live in a climate where you can have a summer garden, you can even grow some healthy alternatives yourself.

Risks and Dangers

Eating a lot of sugar can increase the risk of heart disease and can actually be responsible for heart failure, too. This is because eating a lot of sugar can make changes in how the heart pumps blood.

Sugar also directly affects belly fat. It’s often blamed for the increase in child and teen obesity, and with good reason—many foods aimed at children are very high in sugar. A study has shown that sugar can cause fat cells to mature more quickly, leading to extra belly fat. This also puts children more at risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Another research study has shown that sugar may actually affect the liver in the same ways as alcohol. This means that the more sugar someone ingests, the more likely it is that they will have to deal with liver damage.

Finally, sugar may actually damage the brain. It may cause the cells in the brain to age more rapidly, which can lead to memory issues and a decline in overall cognitive health.

So lay off the sugar. You don’t have to cut out all of your special treats, but don’t eat dessert with every meal. Save it for those special occasions and protect your body from the damage sugar can cause.

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