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Are Supplements Worth The Taking?

Acai bowl

More often than not, people are finding themselves snot feeling full of energy and life – and much of this can go back to the diet that is chosen. While many people have difficulty learning about portion control, a lot of the downfall is lack of knowledge about the importance of certain vitamins and minerals. We may think we are eating in a healthy manner, but there are certain foods that will block vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, the way food is prepared can greatly affect their natural vitamins and minerals that they would provide to us in the ‘raw’ form.

Do Not Overcook Your Food

Overcooking food causes people to think they are being mindful of eating healthy but they can very easily cook the good stuff right out! This goes for over steaming or sautéing food soaked in butter. Another example is potatoes; the most nutrients are in the skin which many people choose not to eat or pull off. Food preparation is a great place to start learning about the different nutrients that food can provide to us.

How Nutrient Dense Are Our Food Choices?

Another big thing to look at, is what foods we are consuming on a regular basis and how much of those vitamins and nutrients our bodies are actually absorbing. Knowing the proper levels of each vitamin can help, and nine times out of ten – we are just not hitting those numbers on a regular and consistent basis. This can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which in turn affect our mental stability, energy levels, and the way our bodies process everything.

Integrate Supplements

Choosing to integrate vitamin and nutrient rich foods and drinks can really help boost the levels within our bodies and show a visible difference. Even more so, the fact that you start integrating these types of supplements – you begin to feel a lot different within a few days’ time. There is a group of foods that everyone should learn more about and that is called ‘superfoods’. Fruits like Acai berries, and items like marine phytoplankton, exude natural qualities. Acai berries are a great antioxidant that help rid the body of toxins and free radicals. Ensuring that your body is not toxic and at a good pH level will ensure that it is functioning as it should be and replenishing as it should as well.

Going a step further and speaking with a professional specialist or dietician can help you recognize which vitamins and nutrients you are lacking the most and grasp onto a better understanding of which supplements will be best for you to choose from.