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Are Multivitamins Essential for Holistic Health?

The benefits of multivitamins are still subject to debates in the medical community, but are undeniable as far as studies and research are concerned.

Who benefits from multivitamins is a matter of perspective to the need. Although in general, there is no harm in getting vitamins, more so, in getting them in a form of pill. Although discussions still surround this matter like economic considerations, there are no conclusive studies linking multivitamins to increasing health risks.

Back to the discussion of perspectives, we should not view multivitamins as a shortcut towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. By no means, it can be a substitute for healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy. Essentially, our bodies can derive its needed vitamins and minerals to function properly from the foods available. Although ideally, it is impractical to achieve complete nutrition since you need around 10 servings of the vital food groups.

If you look closely on the label, you will see the comprehensive list of all the vitamins and minerals contained in each capsule. The upper tier, the ones usually represented in the capsule in abundant quantities, are the most common vitamins and most essential at least but are most likely achievable by eating foods enriched with it. On the other hand, the bottom tier represents trace nutrients, which we often miss from foods.

Get Your "Nutrition Insurance" Through Multivitamins

So, what are the benefits of taking multivitamins? The condition called "micronutrient deficiency" is what multivitamins are actually trying to address. As previously mentioned, it can be impractical to achieve the recommended daily allowance for vitamins and minerals with food alone. Thus, multivitamins can fill in the gaps by supplementing, even in small amounts, the lacking vitamins we get from food every day. It serves as our "nutrition insurance", which ensures that we get a steady supply of those needed.

When your food plate falls short, then multivitamins can come to the rescue. It helps you meet some deficiencies, which may be essential in minimizing risks for certain diseases. Some vitamins or minerals may require only small amounts, and a multivitamin might be adequate enough to fill it.

Normally, doctors wouldn't recommend you to take multivitamins, not because it is harmful, but it is unnecessary - ideally. However, the benefits of vitamin B12 with folic acid might be an exemption, since both are essential especially for pregnant women or of child-bearing years. Folic acid aids in the proper physical and mental health development of the unborn child. Vitamin B12 strengthens our nerves and improves cognitive development.

Valuable Tips to Getting the Most of Your Multivitamins

Basically, the vitamin and mineral content of most multivitamins in the market is sufficient to sustain the daily recommended allowance. Do you need to buy branded ones? The rule "you get what you pay for" generally applies to this one.

The product Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules is also an example of a health supplement, just like multivitamins. Similarly, they might not be necessary, but the benefits of multivitamins and minerals and health supplements are undeniable and can be considered to maintain our holistic health.

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