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Are Freeze Dried Pure Graviola Capsules Effective?

People in Central and South America use graviola or soursop as a dietary supplement to help alleviate many health issues. They use it as a remedy for pain, viruses, and some forms of cancer.

If you want to achieve the health benefits of soursop, you can also take the pure graviola capsules because they are as potent as the fruit.

Potential Graviola Benefits

According to research, graviola has the following benefits to your health:

  • Anti-oxidant properties

Graviola has antioxidants to help keep your cells in tip-top shape. These anti-oxidants find free radicals that cause diseases and destroy them.

In 2014, researchers found that graviola extract has the following antioxidant compounds:

  1. Tannins
  2. Phytosterols
  3. Saponins
  4. Flavonoids
  5. Anthraquinones

These compounds help you achieve excellent health. However, more studies are underway to ascertain the role of graviola in preventing particular diseases.

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

In 2014, research on rodents revealed that graviola was able to relieve pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Natives of Central and South America have long been using it as a natural remedy for inflammatory and pain relief.

In 2010, a study on rodents showed that graviola was able to reduce inflammation and block pain receptors.

However, researchers revealed that they need more in-depth studies to determine the effects of graviola on humans.

  • Lower Blood Sugar

In 2008, the result of a rodent study proposed that graviola could help regulate blood sugar for people with diabetes. Soursop was able to reduce the level of blood glucose in rodents significantly.

Furthermore, the rats did not lose weight even though they had less water and food. Researchers believe that graviola can help control your glucose level.

  • Lower Blood Pressure

Natives of South America and Central American countries used graviola to reduce their blood pressure. Uncontrolled blood pressure can increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

In 2012, researchers discovered that graviola reduced the blood pressure of rats without increasing heart rate. They said that the hypotensive abilities of soursop are due to antagonism of calcium ions.

  • Prevent Ulcers

In 2014, research conducted on rodents showed that graviola was able to protect the mucous lining of the stomach. Moreover, soursop was able to prevent damage by the free radicals on the digestive tract.

  • Treat Herpes

In 2012, a laboratory study showed that soursop has anti-herpes properties. However, researchers said that there must be more studies to support the claim.

  • Prevent Cancer

In 2016, in vivo and in vitro research showed that graviola extract was able to fight some types of breast cancer cells. Soursop increased T-cells, which are lymphocytes that kill cells causing cancer.

Also, a 2012 study showed that graviola might fight against cells causing some types of pancreatic cancers by preventing cellular metabolism.

However, researchers caution everyone that they need more studies to confirm this claim.

You can take advantage of the numerous graviola benefits. If you cannot find the fresh fruit, you can try the Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Soursop - Graviola Capsules (also known as Graviola - Soursop - Guanabana and Guyabano). These pure graviola capsules have the same potency as the pure soursop.

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