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Answers to Your Top Breast Cancer Questions: Revealed!

Breast cancer is a disease experienced by both men and women. The cells in the breasts multiplied abnormally and uncontrollably.  It usually starts to develop in the glands or the milk ducts where a small and confined tumor or calcium deposits are formed. This type of cancer is metastatic so it may start in the breasts but then spread and affect other body parts.

Top Four Questions About Breast Cancer

Who are at risk? You are at risk if your family has a history of suffering from this condition. Advancing age or previous diagnosis of ovarian, colon or endometrial cancers also increases your risks. The presence of genetic mutations or the genes BRCA (Breast cancer) 1 and BRCA 2 are often associated with the disease.

What are its symptoms? The disease may have already started taking root when you experience an area under your skin that may have a marble like hardness. You may also feel that the area is different from the surrounding areas of the breast. You may also notice a redness or changes in the feel and appearance of the breasts or nipples’ skin. The shape, size and contour of the breast sometimes change too.

When should you get screened for breast cancer? Experts cannot agree on how old you should be before you get screened. However, recommended screening such as a breast examination should be best started once you reach 20 years old. This should be done every 3 years then only annually once you reach 40 years old. When you reach 40 or 50, you will also need to undergo the annual mammography screening. However, if you have one of the risks mentioned here, you should aim to get the screening before these recommended ages.

Is treatment possible and effective? Treatments and its effectiveness vary depending on what type does you have and its stage. Your health status and age are also factors in determining the best treatment. Most often, the treatment is combined with other therapies and medications to get the best results.

Tips To Reduce Your Risks Of Breast Cancer

Avoid becoming overweight. Go on a diet if necessary and combine this with some dietary supplements so you are not deprived with nutrients. The Brazilian ginseng benefits may help you prevent the formation of tumors, which lead to cancer. 

Be physically active. Moderate exercise such as walking 30 minutes daily can already help improve your chances.

Limit your alcohol intake. If you cannot avoid drinking, limit it to only one drink every day.

Do not smoke. Long term smokers have higher risks of having this condition so quit the habit as early as you can.

Do not let your fears get the best of you. You will just get stressed and make matters worse if you do not know anything about this condition. Cut the worrying part and load up on information about breast cancer, but learn ways on how you can prevent it. 

You may also want to start taking an acai berry supplement. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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