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Amazon Thunder Acai Puree Comparisons

Acai, you have heard the term a lot lately and are wondering what all the fuss is about.  More importantly, there are so many companies that sell this product its hard to know which one to buy.  Within this article, we will give you an overview of what to look for when buying Acai and how to make sure you are getting the best quality.Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

 First it is important to note that not all Acai is equal.  They are not all the same products and each company can have a very different standard of quality control.  Quality control is key when buying Acai as a lot of the Acai that is imported to the US is watered down or has an extremely low ORAC level (the level or value of antioxidants and anthocyanins in the acai).  


When it comes to Acai juice specifically, there are a lot of companies that offer this product or a form of this product.  Often the Acai will be watered down or will contain a lot of added sugar.  Companies can easily disguise the word sugar by using forms such as cane juice or dextrose but these ingredients are all essentially sugar.  As Acai is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s counterproductive to consume an Acai product that contains sugar as one of the leading causes of inflammation is sugar.  Many companies will also include guarana in their Acai juice, otherwise known as caffeine.  With all the products we consume that already contain caffeine, we don’t want to add any more to our diets.


Many companies are using a wide variety of packaging with their Acai juice.  You have likely seen it packaged in plastic and glass bottles among other forms.  The Acai juice must be hot filled into a bottle at a minimum temperature of 185 F.  If this juice is being poured at this temperature into a plastic bottle, the company runs the risk of plastic leeching.  If the juice is left outside or somewhere in the sun, the Acai content is not compromised due to plastic leaching or overheating.


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