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Amazon Thunder Acai Powder and Capsules Comparison

Acai is one of the fastest growing health phenomenon’s of our time.  With it’s ever increasing health benefits, people of all ages and walks of life and introducing this super fruit into their diet.   We will show you what to look for when buying Acai products and how to ensure you get the best quality.Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

 As not all forms of Acai or are equal or even organic, it’s important to note that each company has a different standard of quality control whether good or bad.  Quality control is key when buying any Acai products as a lot of the Acai that is imported into the US is watered down and has a very low ORAC level (the level or value of antioxidants and anthocyanins in the acai).  With antioxidants being one of the main reasons to consume Acai, it would make sense to consume the highest quality Acai products with the highest ORAC rating.


With the many different forms of Acai capsules and powders on the market today it can be tough to decide which ones to buy, which ones are the best and which ones have the highest quality.  You have likely heard of 4:1 powders, extracts and more.  These in truth are all spray-died versions of multidextrin carriers (corn starch and magnesium stearate or even rice power).  If ingredients like these are added during the manufacturing process, companies do not have to list them on their labels because of certain regulations that are in place.  Some companies have even added dark purple coloring to their product to pass it off as being pure Acai.  Even though poor forms of Acai are available on the market along side pure forms of Acai, it is easy to tell them apart.  If the capsule or powder is pink or pale in color it is often a sign that the product has been spray-died.  Spray-died products are of the lowest quality on the market and usually contain at least 40% fillers.  With hardly any Acai in their product, companies are able to sell their items at a very low cost.  With this being said, not all Acai powder or capsules that are dark in color are the real thing either.  To know for sure the quality of Acai, open a capsule and test the powder inside.  Pure Acai is slightly oily from the Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acid contents and will taste like a mix of berries and chocolate.  Because of the oils contained in Acai, it can be difficult and messy to fill a capsule.  Most companies will use a majority of fillers to avoid this problem during the manufacturing and production process.  Amazon Thunder remains the only company in the world making 100% pure, freeze dried Acai capsules and scoop powder.


One last thing to consider when buying Acai products is whether or not they are organic.  If you are consuming a product that is not 100% organic than you are potentially putting pesticides and other harmful chemicals and toxins into your body.  Antioxidants help to destroy free radicals that are caused by chemicals and toxins in our bodies.  It makes no sense to consume a form of Acai that is putting more toxins and chemicals in your body for it fight.  

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