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Advantages of Organic Supplements Over Gemstones for Health

Have you heard that gemstones can heal? Most people go crazy over these stones for their beauty and the luck they bring. However, some people claim that they also provide certain health benefits. Find out the truth by weighing the benefits of supplements over gemstones.

Gemstones or Tablets?

Some people do not spend their money on more important things. Instead of buying health supplements over gemstones, they have become impulsive buyers when they see the latest piece of jewelry. Before making your final decision, take time to know some fancy claims stated on the gemstones list:

1. Garnet

People believe that garnet helps in energizing waters, which can improve your physical and emotional health. They also rely on this deep-red stone to protect themselves from bad karma and evil forces.

2. Amethyst

Gemstone fans associate amethyst to peace, creativity, courage, and strength. This purple stone is believed to relieve psychological disorders, but not much when it comes to physical illnesses.

3. Pearl

Pearls were part of traditional medicines of Asians to treat heart, fertility, and digestive problems. However, some people wear pearls and depend on their perceived ability to boost happy and positive feelings.

4. Moonstone

Moonstone, according to believers, is one of the best antidotes against depression, anxiety, and insomnia. They believe that this gem suits the needs of both the young and old.

5. Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the stones believed to have great healing capacities and protection. According to ancient men, it also bridges the wide gap between the earth and the heavens.

6. Bloodstone

Speaking for the name itself, some people put their faith in bloodstone amulets for purifying their own blood; and they claimed to be healthier, stronger, and more energized. They also attribute their positivity, drive, and enthusiasm to this gem.

7. Smoky quartz

Some people associate smoky quartz to protection against bad energy such as bad memories, old beliefs, and negative vibes. Smoky quartz is seen as a gem of hope and light.

8. Rose quartz

Most people believe that rose quartz heals the emotional aspect of a person, focusing on removing heartaches and nurturing healthy relationships. This gem focuses on cultivating love.

Busting Myths With Evident Results

Most of the so-called benefits mentioned above are classified as emotional. Even if many claimed that these gems changed their situations, these testimonies are not proven. In reality, most of these claims could be imaginations, and gemstones might have nothing to do with them.

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