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Acerola And Your Immune System

Acerola includes a huge amount of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which are essential to boosting the immune system. This means that if you seem to get sick a lot or need to take a vitamin C supplement, Acerola is a good choice. It supplies so much vitamin C that you may find that your immune system goes into overdrive, protecting you from everything from the common cold to the flu and other major issues.

The Immune System

One of the most important functions of the body is the immune system. Without it, the body falls prey to all sorts of diseases. Unfortunately, there are many times when the immune system becomes compromised. When this occurs, you’ll get sick more often and may have a much worse time dealing with the illness. Your symptoms may be worse or last longer. In some extreme cases, those with a compromised immune system can’t fight off the simplest of diseases and end up dying. That’s why it’s vital to have a strong immune system—it can fight off just about anything, even cancer!

Make your Immune System Stronger

So what can you do if you find your immune system suffering? There are a few different ways you can strengthen it. The first thing to do is to stop doing anything that damages the immune system. This includes smoking, drugs, and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. All of these things put stress on the body in multiple ways. Also get up off the couch and exercise regularly. Be sure to get a good amount of sleep, too. Sleep gives the immune system time to rally against the invading viruses or bacteria.

There are a number of different vitamins and minerals that may help boost the immune system. Vitamins A, B2, B6, C, D, and E have all been linked to the immune system in some way. Zinc helps the immune system function correctly, but be careful not to take too much—an over-abundance of zinc in the body can actually hurt the immune system.


Acerola is a small fruit, sometimes called the West Indian cherry, cereso, or Barbados cherry, can be found in the West Indies and in select locations in Central America, South America, and even in a few places in the U.S. It may help combat a number of illnesses in addition to providing a large amount of vitamin C. In 2006, a study was actually done to see if acerola affected blood sugar levels, and the results showed that it could possibly help diabetics maintain normal levels.

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