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Acai Loaded with Omegas

Good Morning America

Then Vs. Now - The Next Big Things for 2006

Jan. 2, 2006 — The new year will bring rise to new trends. Low-rise jeans will creep up the waist, and gone will be the seemingly ubiquitous

Remember "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie?" Maybe you can recall Eva
Longoria's controversial shirt which jolted Jennifer Aniston with a low
blow: "I'll have your baby, Brad." Those are history.

Bye to cowboy boots, sayonara sudoku and peace out pomegranate juice. "GMA" has the latest on what will come to the forefront of pop culture and fashion this year.


Pomegranate (Pom Wonderful), the antioxidant rich fruit (juice), became wildly popular in 2005 both for its health benefits (potent with antioxidants, which help the body guard against free radicals -  molecules that can cause premature aging, heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer) and because bars across America started creating yummy specialty drinks with the sweet juice (pomegranate margaritas, monitors and martinis). Acai (ah-sigh-EE) is an all-natural energy fruit from Amazon palm berries. Harvested in the rainforests of Brazil, acai tastes like a blend of berries and chocolate. Acai is packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential omegas (the good-for-you fatty acids). The pulp also contains a concentration of antioxidants, to help combat premature aging, with 10-30 times the anthocyanins (purple colored antioxidants) of red wine. Acai has an almost-perfect essential amino acid complex in conjunction with valuable trace minerals vital to proper muscle contraction and regeneration.

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