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Acai Berry: What You Need to Know About Nature’s Purple Gold

Acai (pronounced "a-sigh-eeh") berry is mostly found in Brazil and other countries in northern South America. It’s the fruit that comes from the tall and slender Acai palms that can grow up to 82-feet tall.

The Acai berry is recognizable because of its small, round, and purple-black exterior. Due to its many nutritional values, it has become known as Nature’s Purple Gold. Knowing the nutrients that it has to offer, you will appreciate why is Acai berry good for you.

All About Antioxidants in the Acai Berry

Among its many nutrients, the Acai berry’s most significant ones are the antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E. Antioxidants have become popular because these repair damaged cells that cause aging and illness. The damage is caused explicitly by free radicals, which are unstable atoms that lead to a process called oxidative stress inside the body.

Antioxidants can counter this process. Experts recommend taking in food or daily supplements that contain antioxidants. Acai berry can be taken as both.

How to Prepare and Consume the Acai Berry

Acai berries are usually served as a frozen fruit puree or a juice drink added with sugar. In addition, it can be taken as a supplement.

With juicing, the fruit’s healthy fiber content is often lost during the process as opposed to eating the whole fruit by itself. On the other hand, whole fruits have a limited shelf life.

Storing and Preserving the Acai Berry the Right Way

For the Acai fruit, it usually lasts around five days after harvest. The fruit’s nutrients are compromised as well, as they perish within 24 hours after harvest.

This is where innovation comes in. Freeze drying is a dehydration process at a low temperature which results in a high-quality product. This process has extended to the food industry and eliminates compromising the quality of the fruit.

Freeze drying prolongs the shelf life of the fruit and retains its quality. Moreover, converting freeze-dried fruits into a capsule further lengthens its life while preserving the essential nutrients of fruit like the Acai berries. 

Acai’s Power Contained in a Powder Capsule

A lot of dietary supplements, like the organic and kosher certified pure freeze dried acai berry powder capsules, which is made from nature’s purple-gold is definitely something you should try. If it’s your first time to try the superfruit, you may wonder what does Acai berry taste like.

Commonly, the berry is described as rich, grainy, and bitter. Instructions are included in the packaging on how to take acai berry capsules.

On top of having been produced from the super fruit, acai berry, is also made from organic and kosher ingredients. The capsules are an excellent source of your daily nutrients like Omega 3, 6, 9, and, of course, act as an antioxidant.

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