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Acai Berry Powder as an Antioxidant: Can be an Add-on to Drinks?

Acai berry powder as an antioxidant is well-known because acai berry remained superior in delivering the highest content of antioxidants when compared to other kinds of berries. Athletes and other sports people are into these fruits as Acai berries are also known in boosting energy levels.

What are Acai Berries?

Experts coined Acai berry as a superfood due to its promising nutritional benefits. The fruit is dark purple in color, and its shape resembles that of a grape. Acai berries are native to the Central and South American countries and scattered mostly in some cities in Brazil.

Throughout the years, scientists had lengthy discussions about the claimed benefits of the fruit. Not until long ago, the berry earned its recognition as the health benefits were found out to be right and satisfying.

Health Benefits of Acai Berries

The Acai berry benefits range from being a good protector of the heart by improving cholesterol levels to something that helps in improving brain functions. Reports also claim that Acai berry enhances the immune system by fighting-off illnesses and aids in the proper of digestion of the body.

Experts also noted that Acai berry has a potent anti-inflammatory property due to a compound called velutin. Velutin is a flavone compound found in the Acai berry fruit. It has the highest anti-inflammatory activity among all the flavonoids extracted from plants.

The popularity of Acai berries paved the way for the creation of Acai berry powders, Acai berry powder supplements, and other organic berry powder blends.

How to Use Acai Berry Powder?

The development of Acai berry powder as an antioxidant became very efficient to people of all ages as you can stir and mix the berry preparation directly into the water, smoothies, juices, milk, and in soy.

You can also choose to sprinkle Acai berry powder as an antioxidant in your cereals, yogurts, desserts, or just in anything in your usual breakfast meals. If you feel uncomfortable mixing the raw ingredient, you can take it directly by scooping into your mouth and eat it.

Acai Berry Powder as an Antioxidant

The appropriate dose for berry powder depends on the manufacturer of the said product. Some may highlight that 3 grams (3 scoops) of the organic berry powders would be already sufficient while some makers of the product will recommend 4-6 scoops once daily to attain optimum results.

Finding the purest Acai berry supplements can be quite challenging since there is already a variety in the market nowadays. Make sure to check for label claims and look for "natural and pure Acai."

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