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Acai Berry History

The History of the Acai Berry

It is said that the acai berry, pronounced “ah-SIGH-ee”, has been around for thousands of years. It was then that an Amazon chief decreed that all newborn babies must be sacrificed. A lack of food in the area kept the chief from supporting a growing tribe. There was barely enough for the people as it was.  

As acai history has it, when the chief’s daughter, Iaca, gave birth to a child there was no exception to the rule. His daughter mourned the death of her child and eventually it consumed her. One night, she believed that she could hear a young child crying and she went to find it. The next morning, as the tribe’s people searched for Iaca, they found her body next to a palm tree that was covered in fruit. The fruit became a prominent source of food for the tribe and the decree was lifted. The name acai is in honor of the chief’s daughter (as the name is Iaca spelled backwards).

What is the acai berry’s history? In the past, the acai berry has been limited to the area surrounding the Amazon rainforest. Once the berry is harvested, it must be processed within 24 hours or it will lose its nutritional value. Cities around Brazil offered acai like stores around the world offer milk. They also offer it frozen, like a sorbet. There are a number of recipes for acai and it quickly became a staple in Brazilian life. Eventually it made its way into other cultures.  

With modern technology, acai’s history does not have to end with local use. Now, once the berries are harvested, they are frozen and the nutritional value is preserved. From there, the acai berry becomes a powder or a puree. The puree is commonly blended with other juices, such as grape, pomegranate, blueberry, and raspberry.

It was not until the 1950’s that doctors began to realize the benefits of the acai berry.  Doctors in Europe and the United States have begun to find even more benefits in the past five years.  The acai berry is said to be one of the most complete and healthy foods available.  In addition, it is completely organic and loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight cancer, among other things.  One of those benefits includes acai’s high concentration of anthocyanins, like those found in red wine.  The berries are also loaded with protein, fibers, amino acids and essential omegas.  Some of these, such as the essential omega acids, are the reason why acai has also been proven to help fight aging and to help you lead a healthier life.  

The ever public benefits of acai have made it impossible for this berry to be a fading health trend. If anything, it will only continue to grow. It seems that almost everyone is jumping on the acai bandwagon, which is evident from the number of websites and companies which offer the fruit for sale in some form. For those who are interested in finding out more about the acai history or nutritional value, it is important to do your own research. Each person will find different facts and/or companies that they feel more comfortable using. It is your choice which acai product is right for you. 

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