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A Revelation of Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Are you worried that you are experiencing some hemorrhoid symptoms? Hemorrhoids can occur internally or externally. It can develop in your rectum or under the skin surrounding your anus. It is also considered as a common ailment usually dealt with by adults aged 50 and above. Here are some common symptoms associated with this condition.

Typical Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Do you experience leakage of feces?
Do you notice a painless bleeding when you move your bowels? Do you see minimal amounts of red blood in your toilet bowl or tissue?
Do you feel a painful or sensitive lump, usually near your anus? Is there also a swelling around this area?
Do you suffer from an irritation or itching in your anal region?

Keep in mind that these symptoms vary depending on where the hemorrhoid is located. In the case of those that grow internally, you usually do not notice any discomfort. You only feel it when you experience some discomfort such as irritation or straining when you move your bowels.

In external hemorrhoids, these can start bleeding or feel very itchy when irritated. Blood may also pool from it and develop into a clot. When this happens, you will suffer from inflammation, swelling and severe pain.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms That Require Immediate Medical Help

Go to your doctor immediately when you encounter faintness, dizziness, lightheadedness and heavy rectal bleeding. Black, maroon and tarry stools mixed with blood or clots are also emergency signs. If your condition does not improve despite the use of home remedies, it is also a must to seek immediate medical attention.

Effective Management of Your Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Your symptoms may become more manageable if you change your diet and lose weight. 

Use treatments. These can provide temporary and quick relief. 

Substitute your dry toilet papers. Keep your anal area clean but use wet toilet papers devoid of any alcohol or perfume. 

These steps may help reduce the signs or even make them go away in just a week. However, if relief still seems out of reach despite a weeklong use of medications, you should not hesitate to see a doctor. Best of all, hemorrhoid symptoms should not be disregarded or assumed as simple signs that will not cause harm. 

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