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9 Sneaky Signs That Your Health Supplement Is Over-promising

Learn to become an informed shopper by knowing how to spot the truth behind over-promises and misleading information of some health supplements.

Health supplements are becoming a thing right now. With a variety of promises concerning improved health, weight loss, and even miracle cures, no wonder that people are constantly trying one popular health supplement to another.

Hype or Real Need?

The internet plays a great role in marketing many types of health products, particularly food, dietary or health supplements. It is easy to say that these alternatives (to drugs and other common healing programs) have exceptional benefits and dense nutrient content. For the sake of marketing, some supplement manufacturers tend to hype the products to sell those faster. Given that there is no doubt about the vitamin, mineral and nutrient content of the fruit or plant used to develop the nutriment, some over-promise direct benefits without any scientific explanation. Knowing when to use a health supplement is also tricky.

How to Spot an Over-promiser

Fraudulent health merchandises are costing us thousands of dollars each year, and at least one type of health or food supplement has been introduced every year. With the market growing, it is hard to spot the real from the ones that hype or over-promise. But don't be fooled! Here are the strong signs you should look for:

  1. They use the words "miracle", "instant" or "secret" to describe their products.
  2. Unverified claims that tend to be big such as being a cure for cancer, AIDS and permanent weight loss without exercising or avoiding certain foods.
  3. Making unprecise or unspecific health benefits like "purifies your whole body", "gives you relentless energy", "healthy weight loss" or food supplements to boost the immune system.
  4. Unverified and hype testimonials about the products and their results from unnamed clients.
  5. Scientific researches that seem too morbid to be true, and then emphasizing one type of ingredient in the health supplement to be the "only cure".
  6. Claims that the supplements were developed by scientists and that doctors aren't aware of just yet.
  7. Promises dramatic results without any effort on your part like food supplements for weight loss that works "while you sleep" and improved energy "in a matter of days".
  8. Uses the words "guaranteed" or even offering money backs. Especially in weight loss products, guaranteeing and seeing fast results is a strong proof of how dangerous the supplement can be when taken in the long run.
  9. Claims that the product is capable of curing different kinds of diseases without any direct relationship or association with each other.

What Are Superfoods?

Another trend in the health industry is "superfoods". They are typically plants or fruits that were scientifically found to be an outstanding nutrient and vitamin source, essential for curing certain types of diseases. Products like Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules came from Acerola cherries which is said to contain a dense amount of vitamin C, essential to boost the immune system. You must look for a credible manufacturer and consult a physician taking these kinds of health supplements to maximize benefits.

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